Steve Bannon and Eric Prince couldn’t get their stories straight about the alleged “back-channel” meeting in the Seychelles Islands —  Prince has said in public that he just happened to bump into Russian oligarch Kirill Dmitriev, but told Mueller that the Jan. 11th meeting was set up by George Nader and that after he returned to D.C. to brief Bannon.

Bannon denies any knowledge of the meet.

U.S. News and World Report

“ERIK PRINCE TOLD THE special counsel’s office that he traveled to the Seychelles shortly after President Donald Trump was elected to meet the head of a Russian investment fund whose goal it was to establish a working relationship with the new administration at the behest of Vladimir Putin and that he had discussions that touched on U.S.-Russian relations.

The founder of the Blackwater security firm and brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told investigators he came back to the U.S. and promptly met with Steve Bannon to debrief the senior presidential adviser and pass along contact information.

There’s just one problem: Bannon says that never happened…”

Muller tried to get to the bottom of their conflicting accounts… but their texts had conveniently disappeared from their phones.

“The conflicting accounts provided by Bannon and Prince could not be independently clarified by reviewing their communications, because neither one was able to produce any of the messages they exchanged in the time period surrounding the Seychelles meeting,” Mueller wrote.

Prince’s phone contained no text messages prior to March 2017, according to the report, despite provider records indicating that he and Bannon exchanged dozens of texts. Prince denied deleting any messages and also told investigators he did not know why there were no messages on his device before March 2017.”


The question that needs to be answered is why did Bannon deny knowing about this  meeting, which has been established to have happened, and why is he globe trotting the world setting up future fascist states instead of rotting in jail for lying to Mueller?

And did Prince really tell the whole truth about what was going on in the Indian Ocean, though he was smart enough to realize he could not deny being there.

Inquiring minds want to know, Adam Schiff.



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rory darjiit

Several individuals seem to have lied to Mueller or Congress per this report…in ways that Mueller says hindered the investigation.

They all need to be held accountable and should be prosecuted for these crimes.


Last time I checked, if those texts were SMS messages, Ma Bell has a copy.


Hey! If they’re listening, maybe the Russians can find the messages! /s