Rudy Guiliani Is Whittling Down the Mueller ‘Counter-Report’ Journalist Calls Bulls*it


Trump isn’t the only one tweeting and texting at all weird hours of the day and night. Rudy Guiliani texted a reporter at Politico, talking about the “counter-report” that he’s preparing at 2:54 a.m. Now, the obvious question is: How can you prepare a counter-report, on a report that you haven’t seen? And furthermore, if the Mueller report “completely exonerates” Trump, as we have all been told, why would you bother? Politico:

LATE-NIGHT TEXTS FROM RUDY … President Donald Trump’s lawyer RUDY GIULIANI to our colleague DARREN SAMUELSOHN, 2:54 a.m., on the size of the president’s “countereport” — which will drop when the special counsel’s findings come out Thursday: “Now at 34 or 35. The more concise the better. 400 pages is a novel.”

Rebuttal of what, indeed? Why would one want to rebut “complete exoneration.” Seems to me that, if it’s true, complete exoneration ought to be a banner headline and a government booklet could be prepared of the Mueller report, and people can obtain a copy of their own, like they do with the Constitution.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Guiliani and the rest of the White House, most probably, have already read the Mueller report. This has cover up written all over it in neon.

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I hope the subpoena is coming Friday. Some indictments would be nice, too.