Gallopin’ down the backstretch and leading the pack in the race to the bottom sweepstakes, Florida State Rep. Randy Fine called a fellow Jewish Man a “Judenrat” cause he dared to participate in a forum discussion about justice for the Palestinians…

Orlando Sentinel

Republican state Rep. Randy Fine twice called a Jewish Facebook commenter a “Judenrat,” a term used to describe Jewish Nazi collaborators, for his supporting an event to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian situation….

…In an April 4 post on his Facebook page, Fine called that night’s event in Melbourne, the ‘Palestine/Israel, Opening the Dialogue’ panel discussion sponsored by the Space Coast Progressive Alliance, an “anti-Semitic rally targeting Jews sponsored by a Democrat club.”…

…In an interview, Phil Stasik, the president of the Alliance, said “everything [in Fine’s description] is wrong. We’re not a ‘Democrat’ club, we’re a progressive group. It was certainly not a ‘rally,’ it was a panel discussion. And it sure as hell wasn’t ‘anti-Semitic.’”

On Facebook a Jewish participant in the event pointed out to Fine that the forum was merely a discussion about the ongoing tension between Israelis and Palestinians.

Fine called it a “farce” and used the first Judenrat reference which led to this exchange:


This current iteration of the GOP is nothing more than a open sewer.

And Fine has floated to the top…

…to mix metaphors.


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They sure make stupid, nasty Republicans down in Florida.

rory darjiit


Oh Facebook, what is it about your cheery interface that makes people think they can say openly racist and horrible things in public and go unnoticed?