Anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-sanity activist Randall Terry (in the spiffy red suit) has teamed up with fake Jesus-in-Wal Mart- sneaks and his sound/S&M guy to bedevil Pete Buttigieg on the campaign trail in Marshalltown, Iowa today.

I guess their point is every expression of love is a lash for Fake Jesus or something… they found a flesh colored union suit and blue gloves?? for fake Jesus, they couldn’t rustle up some Huaraches?

Twitter, like the rest of us,  stared agog, but managed a few asides…

Mayor Pete had the perfect retort though…

One day, when the history of the Evangelical movement gets written, I hope the author reserves a chapter for this.

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2 Comments on "Devilish Randall Terry and Fake Jesus Flail at Mayor Pete in Iowa, Twitter Is/Is Not Amused."

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rory darjiit

I understand their thinking behind the Jeebus and Mayor Pete characters, but what’s the deal with the guy dressed like Sean Hannity?


Ahahahahahahaha wtf.