As Expected, Pete Buttigieg’s Success Cues Homophobic Innuendo On Fox News


Tucker Carlson is tobaggoning down the same icy mountain road, into the valley of irrelevance, as Laura Ingraham did before him. You may recall Ingraham’s sponsors bailing on her in the wake of the Parkland shootings. Several months after that, she lost her radio show, which diminished the vitriol and hate content of AM talk radio substantially. Carlson has also had sponsor cancellations and don’t be surprised if more show up on the horizon when this piece gets around the internet.

Carlson is on thinner ice than he knows. If there is one thing that the gay community has going for it, it is a killer sense of humor. Is this your best shot, Tucker? Wait for the return punch! And don’t forget those delightful Trump statues that showed up one night in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, that were lovingly crafted by a member of the gay community.

We loved ours in Los Angeles, West Hollywood to be specific. There was dialogue about dressing our life size Trump doll in a tuxedo and trundling him down to the Dolby Theater, where they hold the Oscars, and making him Lord of the Lobby. Accessories were discussed, and I won a free margarita that night, when I said that the Trump statue should stand there in it’s tuxedo, majestically holding a taco in each of it’s tiny hands. The statues showed up shortly after the “taco truck on every corner” crack was made by a Trump supporter, you see. There was also dialogue that night about mass producing the Trump dolls. I got a great idea (which earned me yet another brewski) about how the Trump dolls could be like the cabbage patch dolls, and we could send them to camp every summer — in Siberia.

Carlson is a pee brained sap, and he’ll make the perfect foil for the comedic put downs which are a virtual guarantee if he keeps up this nonsense — which undoubtedly he will, unless his remaining sponsors start to get antsy again. This is going to be amusing. If Carlson continues with his put downs, he’s going to find out just how outclassed he is. I can’t wait.

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