Mitch McConnell Stopped Russian Sanctions, Now Kentucky Gets $200Mil Investment From Russian Oligarch


The state of Kentucky is getting a new aluminum mill built, the first in 40 years. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, Paul Manafort’s crony, is one of the financiers, to the tune of $200Mil. Deripaska’s company, Rusal, is the world’s second largest producer of raw aluminum. Since Mitch McConnell stopped the Democrats from reimposing sanctions on Deripaska, one could reasonably infer that the aluminum mill is McConnell’s payoff. PoliticusUSA:

In January, McConnell barely was able to stop a Democratic effort to reimpose the sanctions on Deripaska that Trump had rolled back.

Mitch McConnell kept the sanctions from being reimposed and now he is getting his payoff.

This is one of the easier forms of Russia/Republican corruption that one will ever see. McConnell enabled the Russian attack on US democracy in 2016 by refusing to stand with Obama in denouncing Russian efforts to manipulate the presidential election.

It isn’t just Donald Trump. The Russians have bought themselves a political party, and the Senate Majority Leader is getting rewarded for his loyalty to mother Russia.

This is a sobering development. Trump is alienating our allies and ruining trade, on the one hand, and the country is getting more in bed with Russian money, on the other. This is yet another gobsmacking revelation of GOP/Russian relations. Forget about the elephant in the room, it’s changed it’s logo. The GOP should symbolize itself with a Russian bear, preferably one holding a smoking gun. That would be some truth in advertising on the GOP’s part, and quite refreshing.

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rory darjiit

It’s Game of Thrones season, how about a GoT analogy?

Trump has always been the Joffree in this story to me – a spoiled, erratic, petulant child who is destined to lash out and burn out. McConnel is the Cercei of our story – the true villain, who has managed to undermine our democratic norms bit by bit for decades. He has helped establish and foster systematic voter suppressions, court packing, propaganda arms, a dark money empire, etc.

Definitely the real villain of this story.


Gee, not hiding anything anymore, are they?

Denis Elliott

I’m an old fart with no computer graphics/photoshop skills but I think it’s well past time for someone to create a modified GOP logo – with a RED bear riding the GOP elephant. There shouldn’t be much difficulty in getting it distributed and if the GOP screams and complains I say screw em. Well, those who know me know the word I’d use instead of screw but I don’t want to run afoul of any site rules about F-bombs.


This is disgraceful.


Guess it’s time to cozy up to serfdom in the good ol’ US of A. Not much choice that I can see. Not to say we haven’t been there for some time but just not this obvious and mostly under our own native born oligarchs. I suppose the grandkids should be taking Russian as a second language if they hope to keep a roof over there heads. Cabbage soup anyone???

Fred L. Mitchell

Too Many Russian Assets in USA! Putin has taken over Trump and the Republican Party!

John Morgan

When the obituary for democracy in America is written the cause of death will be listed as Mitch McConnell and the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United.

Roy Schmidt

Maybe we should look at Lindsey and see what he is getting or will get from Russians.