GOP Brags About Tax Cuts, Taxpayers Pillory Them On Twitter


This is what they say:

This is what people actually paying taxes say:

Wouldn’t that be great, if that’s the way it goes down?

I pray to God this is right. If even a portion of the people that Trump has screwed wake up, we can defeat him next year. If they stay asleep and apathetic, we might have another four years in this mess, and that is a proposition too horrifying to contemplate.

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p j evans

I would really love to run my tax information for this year with last year’s tax rules, to see how different they would be. (I got back money this year…just enough to pay for the tax preparation.)

I agree Ursula, “too horrifying to contemplate”, it is SO TRUE, it is also true, however, that more and MORE people are just now understanding the horror we all face with a still unstopped Turtle and friends in the devil’s den of the Senate .. A LOT of them indirectly, perhaps, but THEY ARE making money with average people paying the bills, and being left with half what they had left over last year … I suppose it is not a good time to suggest a buy-back on the AR-15’s? Trump is now in a race with McConnell to see… Read more »
Lone Wolf
How about we ‘buy back” on the GOP, and then we can work on fixing all this crazy shit they’ve managed to fuck up. Here in Florida, there’s a really great state law … FLORIDA STATUTE 790.25(3) ALLOWS “OPEN CARRY” OF WEAPONS Florida is a very pro gun rights and 2nd Amendment state. Florida also has a huge number of concealed weapons permit holders. Recently, stories have hit the press describing how certain gunowners go fishing while wearing their sidearms old West style. As strange as this may seem, the openly armed anglers are within the law. Open carry is… Read more »

The GOP takes care of the rich, they don’t give a damn about the poor or middle class, it’s always been that way .


I am middle class. This is the 1st year in 55 years I had to pay. Everyone I talk to had to pay in. What hard working Americans was numb nuts talking about?

Reader Ray

The GOP just cannot stop lying. Even when no one believes them