Enough Already!


Call me crazy (it’s just an expression, don’t really do it), but I have this kind of like a rule that I live by. I kind of like to just shut up when I don’t know something. Take soccer for example, you never hear me talk about soccer, mainly because I never caught the bug, I know nothing about it. To me it looks like 22 guys, on a field about twice the size of the parking lot at Arrowhead Stadium, running around and kicking a ball back and forth. I’ve yet to determine the exact difference between a practice and a game, so I just shut up. Now politics I know quite a bit about, so I tend to spend a lot of time spouting various lines of pap about it.

I really, really think that The Inglorious Basterd that we are forced to call Mr President should give my rule-to-live-by a try. Not about politics. No matter what you think of him, he is, by all measurement criteria, a politician now As such, he should be expected to have something to say about political matters. Hell, I make fun of all kinds of various politicians who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Besides, politics is perfect for Trump, since he can’t sound much dumber than half of the people on news panel shows with poli-sci degrees under their belts.

But on pretty much every other, single subject, El Pendejo Prsidente really needs to izp it. If not for his own benefit, then for ours. I’m actually glad that I don’t work for United Airlines anymore, because I would have to spray my face with asbestos powder every time I traveled to a foreign country, to contain the burning in my face as I desperately tried to explain away all the stupid shit that Glorious Bleater says. His supporters used to claim that he was “misquoted,” until the reporters started playing the video of his statements. Now, they’ve settled on a slipperier, “He was misunderstood.” If this is true, Donald Trump has to be the most misunderstood human since Charlie Manson. This is because, ike Manson, he proudly flies his freak flag right out there on his lapel.

We have already had a twofer today, and it isn’t even dinner time on the east coast yet. In response to the tragedy of the Notre Dame fire in Paris, His Lowness imperiously tweeted out that the French should drop water on the fire from a tanker plane, like a forest fire. Which prompted me to my least favorite form of communication, Twitter, to point out the idiocy not only of dropping thousands of gallon on the roof of an already weakened structure, but also to point out the risk of dumping massive amounts of water on nearby ancient structures without laser guidance. But at least it would have given him something to show a foreign dignitary at Mar-A-Lago, over s slice of chocolate cake. And then, barely an hour ago, he publicly referred to the cathedral as a great “museum.” i hate to burst his FOX induced bubble, but it takes more than a gift shop to make a museum.Here’s one you may not have heard. A year or so ago, Dimwit Donnie and Melania, took French President Macron and his lovely wife to tour Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. And yes, Macron knew ore about Mount Vernon than Trump did, but that’s not the point. During the tour, Trump actually told Macron that Washington was foolish for not naming the estate after himself. He actually told Macron that if you don’t name shit after you, nobody will remember you later. This would be like calling it “Lincoln’s Gettysburg National Monument” because Lincoln once gave a speech there. Apparently, Trump is abysmally ignorant of exactly whom Washington DC is actually named after.

We can do this all day. From thanking Mexicans on Cinco de Mayo for taco bowls, a California Denny’s creation, making his obsession with North Korea’s beaches a critical part of his foreign policy for a nuclear armed adversary, to sharing the national security secret that Lincoln was actually a Republican, the list is literally endless. And it’s dangerous, because everybody from allies to adversaries has come to understand that you can make this President believe anything, as long as it fits into his fantasy world of preconceived notions.

Now, I’m not a doctor, hell, without health insurance I can’t even live chat with one to order ED meds, but I can only see one diagnosis. Trump is an obsessive narcissist. I have heard people talk about him possibly being a sociopath, but I don’t buy it. Simply because a sociopath is capable of “masking” himself by responding normally in normal social interactions. Watch any Trump cabinet meeting to see how he must remain the center of attention, and the insane amount of transparently false information he spouts out on almost every subject. If a person or event does not affect Trump directly, then he literally doesn’t need to know a thing about it, and whatever he spouts on the subject next becomes fact to him, simply because it really doesn’t matter.

I’ve let my own sarcasm freak flag fly freely today, but this is actually dead serious, because it’s infectious. Look at how seriously not only Trump, but his entire administration took the hurricane damage in Texas and Florida. This is because those were two “red” states, with full representation in congress. Compare that to the response in Puerto Rico, where it took weeks just to dispatch a desperately needed hospital ship to the island, and when it got there, there was no docking space for it, and no workable plan to get patients form the dock to the ship. People literally died due to a lazy and inefficient response to the hurricane, brough on by Trump’s complete lack of urgency in dealing with the emergency. Puerto Rico went “blue,” and like Washington DC, has token House representation, and no Senators.

So far we have been fortunate, because we have yet to have a really critical, life-or-death international crisis. because, if and when we do, Clear, coherent, ritical thinking and decisive action are going to be required, and not only is the President incapable of such, but he has purged himself of all around him who might be capable of such. As Wednesday Addams likes to say, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”



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rory darjiit
Second that. What am I seconding precisely? I don’t know…the whole thing…the frustration…the sense of futility with this president…all of it. It is like being in a effing novel co-written by Franz Kafka, Douglas Adams and Joseph Heller (which I would definitely read…assuming they kept it cockroach-light). We are all watching this disaster…this loss for the people of Paris and the world…the destruction of a building that, for me as a former temp resident of Paris for a time, symbolized the moment when humanity decided together to leave the dark ages behind, and stepped into an age of reason, science… Read more »

A fictional novel about Dimwit Donnie wouldn’t be as badly written as reality relates.