Trump Just Threatened The New York Times, Says ‘They’ll Be Gone In Six Years’


Another day, another rage tweet. April 13th’s was directed at none other than the Grey Lady, paper of record, the New York Times, a publication with which Donald Trump has issues.

Now, that is an option, certainly. But, it’s a tenet of journalist never to put yourself into the story. However, these are not normal times, and perhaps Haberman should worry less about the protocol she’s properly been taught and just learn to deal with Donald Trump straight on, and call him a liar.  Most probably what would happen is Haberman would just end up being fodder at Fox News. They’re always looking to crown a new Trump Enemy over there, especially one who is with the press.

And that is the other side of the coin, this is the New Normal. Another day, another insane tweet. So, what? That’s not right, either. Clearly, somebody should do something, but who should do what? GOP leadership has no intention of doing anything as long as they can maintain their power base and pursue their agenda, until the Trump train derails, as eventually it must.

Trump is going to escalate his war on the media, and this is just another barrage in their direction. It will get worse, for two reasons. 1) The Mueller report is not going to just fade away and be forgotten, despite William Barr’s best Roy Cohn-ish stonewalling. 2) With Julian Assange back in the picture, look for Trump to cast Assange in the responsible journalist role, so that he can look for a way to erode journalistic freedoms. Assange is in point of fact, far more the spy and vigilante that he’s been characterized as, than any kind of a reputable journalist. The only one who sings that song is Alex Jones and then Trump, because he heard it from Jones. But Assange will hang onto the illusion of muck raking journalist as long as he can use that facade to save his miserable hide. Watch for the first amendment challenges to come, they should be stunning.

Attacks on the press, absurd as they have been up to this point, are something you will be seeing a lot more of. Unfortunately, like the flu, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. We either need to impeach Trump, or get him out at the ballot box. Impeachment is politically a perilous way to go, but in the very near future, it may turn out that it’s the most viable course of action. The ballot box is the best option, no question.

Let those who wish to stand for the rule of law make the decision to do so, now. Because we may have to take to the streets before too very much longer. Trump is coming unglued a little bit more each day, and my instinct is that his madness is going to crescendo and hit a crisis point, in the not too distant future. And since he’s already gearing up his attack on the press, it seems reasonable to predict that that might be the focus of the crisis which is clearly impending. Trump can hardly function in public anymore, without making ridiculous malapropisms, and forgetting dates and simple facts, like his father’s birth place. The day after the debacle about Fred Trump being from Germany (he was born in New York City), Trump was standing at a podium in Las Vegas and literally spewing gibberish syllables about Sheldon Adelman.

Last week, Trump seemed more demented than usual. His father died from Alzheimer’s and Trump is exhibiting classic symptoms as well. Aggression and anger are very common symptoms of dementia, as well as confusion. I give Trump thirty to sixty days to throw a real hissy fit. This rage tweet is just a foreshadowing of the fact that he’s making a fool of himself over his stance on Sanctuary Cities, and if there’s one thing Trump cannot abide, it is being laughed at.



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rory darjiit

Gone in six years. Hmm. Should we reserve the prison conference room now to make sure we can have a cake for trump if he wants to celebrate? Do prisons actually have conference rooms?

Denis Elliott
What infuriates me reading this piece is that in a particularly perverse & twisted way part of what the flaming orange rectum said about the Times (which can be said of others but they led the charge) was that their election coverage had actually been really bad and downright unfair. But to Hillary Clinton. ALL that intense coverage of emails, and bullshit speculation about the Clinton Foundation and yet with Trump is was pretty much the print version of just “running the videotape. Donald Trump was never accepted by New York society and the old guard (which included the NYT)… Read more »
p j evans

NYT didn’t like Bill Clinton, either. They’re a bigger part of the problem than they want to admit – they keep running columns by people who are disconnected from reality, and can’t see how not calling out Tr*mp’s lies and insanity make it easier for him to keep doing it.


Yes, yes, yes – this x 10,000! I find it very hard to defend the press (though I will) when they’ve rolled over and played dead for the RW/GnoP/Kochs/Mercers/Rus for decades now – bringing our daily nightmare and this bs on themselves!


Ursula: excellent article. Hope it goes your way. The idea of a demented POTUS is scary.


So, does he lie when his mouth opens or is he just delusional, listening to the voices in his head telling him this stuff? Hard to know some days. It’s so incredibly stupid (and obvious), I lean toward delusional.

The NYT may be gone in six years — we may ALL be gone before then — but he won’t be around to see it methinks.


Never one to enjoy seeing someone suffer, in Trump’s case I’ll make an exception. Alzheimer’s is karma’s way of giving the orange turd what he deserves, a slow and painful death before he enters the realm of his eternal keeper the devil himself…and GOOD RIDDANCE when that day comes!!!

Lone Wolf

I would much rather see him in a shit stained pair of pants, sitting in a wheelchair, pissing himself while drooling slobber and staring out the window at a … wall. BIGLY!