The NEW York Daily News is responding to what Trump likely perceives as a threat, his proposed plan to send immigrants detained at the border to Sanctuary Cities, with today’s cover page art depicting the values of the great city of New York, whose greatness derived from wave after wave of newcomers from foreign shores, as well as from the cultural wastelands of the interior of America.

(click on photo to see the entire cover)

“We’ll take them.”

A simple statement of the city’s commitment to exhibit an elemental principal of humanity, compassion, as well as a nod to the contributions made by the immigrant and refugee to New York’s greatness.

“We’ll take them.”

And be better for it.

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4 Comments on "N.Y. Daily News Answers Trump’s “Threat” to Send Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities with Stunning Cover."

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I was thinking the same thing. I hope he really sends them to the sanctuary cities. I wish we could demand that he release all the kids and families now! They’ve been caged forever! They would be treated so much better in the sanctuary cities.

What’s so stunning about this cover? THIS is typical phony liberal racist tripe that is so “normal” in New York City. So let’s say 10,000 migrant families are sent to NYC. WHERE are they going to live? In already over-crowded, over-extended homeless shelters? WHO is going to support them financially? NYC Dept. of Social Services? The department that DENIES deserved and needed benefits to native NYers? OK, so their children are going to be enrolled in NYC public schools. WHICH schools? HOW MUCH additional funding will be needed to support these new migrant children? WHO will pay for this and… Read more »
p j evans

[citation needed, along with school records showing your social-studies grades]