Whoa! Adam Schiff Throws Down The Gauntlet To Trump, Tweaks His Cabinet


Now admittedly, this is Twitter, but even on Twitter Adam Schiff is known as a man of cool demeanor and precise meanings. Schiff is known as a guy who tells it like it is, and here is an absolutely beautiful example of telling it like it is.

This is interesting. I actually like it a lot, because it indicates to me that the Democrats are not going to roll over. We’ve been far too nice to this band of jackals in power so far and that has to stop. The Barr testimony this week was far too softball and serene. Barr doesn’t deserve that level of reserved treatment, not when he’s sitting there proselytizing conspiracy theory. He deserves to be confronted and held accountable.

I’m all for our congresspeople fighting back any way that they deem prudent. And, hey, this is amusing as hell. I sure hope Congressman Schiff decides to grace us with more of these ditties. We can form a genre of poetry, “political haiku” or some such, perhaps?

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As the example of Auntie Maxine showed us this week, I have every reason to believe that Dem leadership in the House is taking baseline readings of all Trump’s cronies right now. Once they have enough data on how the weasels will react under pressure, proper pressure will be applied. But to keep it credible, they unfortunately have to play by the rules. Yes, I am aware how much that hampers us in the short term. But we either believe in making our system work or we don’t. The “don’t” route has the distinctive whiff of a lynch mob about… Read more »

Adam Schiff is on a mission, and I’m really glad to have him on our side. He is so controlled and intelligent that I don’t worry about him making a major political gaffe.

I’ve been impressed by his smooth conversational style, thinks on his feet … DJT just blurts out crap, never apologizes, because he is never wrong, but since his last few blatant confusion-based statements of massive lies, there seems to to be a major disconnect in tRump’s feeble mind … always trying to frame statements to glorify himself, especially against the Obama period, he has become rabid in his deliveries … Now, we have him AND more with his failing cabinet of freaks, getting drubbed by people that know stuff AND can deliver it back, Schiff, Waters, AOC, stand out at… Read more »

They also took feces daily from GOP last two to ten yeats!!!!! I admire them for sticking it out and not imploding. Partly thanks to pelosi.
As for trump, he’s lasted longer than I thought but the pressure is showing off his early dementia i think. I’m not sure if that is worse or not. But the dementia will get worse under the frustration of accountability.

Harold royer

Go Adam about time for this


The only thing Shiff left off the list was –
Criminal background a plus.


I love Adam Schiff .