Trump’s Lie Du Jour, ‘Ivanka Created Millions of Jobs’


Trump has a sugar coated vision of his elder daughter, Ivanka. He sees her as a “natural diplomat,” who should be the UN Ambassador, perhaps, and then go on to run for president. And he apparently sees Junior as the doofus that the rest of us do as well. The Atlantic:

In our conversation, the president wanted to be clear: He was very proud of all his children. “Barron is young, but he’s got wonderful potential,” he said. “And Tiffany’s doing extremely well. Don is, uh, he’s enjoying politics; actually, it’s very good. And Eric is running the business along with Don, and also very much into politics. I mean, the children—the children have been very, very good.”

But Ivanka, whom he sometimes calls “Baby” in official meetings, is “unique.” If Trump sees any of his children as his heir apparent, it’s Ivanka. “If she ever wanted to run for president,” he said, “I think she’d be very, very hard to beat.” At 37, she is old enough. But Ivanka has never talked with her friends about running for office, and the president said she has never expressed any interest about that to him. Still, while Don Jr. might be a hit at political rallies, Ivanka is the only child the president ever considered for an administration post. “She went into the whole helping-people-with-jobs, and I wasn’t sure that was going to be the best use of her time, but I didn’t know how successful she’d be,” the president said. “She’s created millions of jobs, and I had no idea she’d be that successful.”

Nobody else has an idea about this particular success, either. There are no millions of jobs. Walmart and IBM have agreed to create programs to employ people, at Ivanka’s behest, but they are reskilling programs, for people who already have jobs. Just another example of how Trump can take a topic and make a self-serving narrative up out of whole cloth.

John Kelly, evidently, is not in agreement with Trump about Ivanka being president.

That John Kelly despised both Ivanka and Jared is no secret. When the retired Marine general was brought on as chief of staff, in July 2017, he saw a couple “playing government,” a phrase he would utter frequently. “He kind of walked in and looked at Ivanka like, What the fuck is Barbie doing in the West Wing?” the source close to her said. But if Kelly saw Ivanka as a headache, Jared was a consciousness-altering migraine. Kelly had little idea what Jared did all day—he could be text-messaging Van Jones about criminal-justice reform or catching up with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (implicated in the murder last fall of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi). Kelly struggled to hide his contempt. At one senior-staff meeting, when someone raised a question relating to foreign policy, Kelly, according to a person in the room, observed that having a clear read on the answer was hard for him, given that “we have about three secretaries of state now.” Jared, who was present, remained silent.

The saga of Javanka is one for the ages. Never in history, has a sitting president hired his daughter and son-in-law as advisers, when they couldn’t even pass a security clearance without intervention from that same president.  But Ivanka has been quoted as saying that she believes a Trump political dynasty is possible, nevertheless, like the security clearance scandal is trivial. Ivanka also believes that when she gets back to New York, it will all be like before, invitations to the Met Gala and all the high social flings. Maybe she’s right about all this. Or, maybe after the era of Trump is past, Javanka will be social pariahs for their participation in Trump’s scam. Hard to know. Personally, I think President Ivanka reflects the thinking in Ivanka’s bubble and not reality. But again, who knows? It was inconceivable a few short years ago that we would be going through this trauma with Trump. I suppose it’s possible that even stranger permutations of politics takes place, but I sure hope not.

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It’s just staggering, isn’t it? She’s a person of literally no skills or knowledge about government or politics. Like daddy, her only interest seems to be self-enrichment and to me, she comes across utterly phony when she tries to play act “compassion.” That everyone has become so sanguine about the outrageousness of a “president” using his utterly unqualified daughter and son-in-law as advisers” is depressing.


One of mayor Pete’s appeals is: no idiot children to hire…. And a spouse who seems to care….


I doubt any of the Democrats would hire their kids. This “president” is norm breaking.

p j evans

Himself thinks she’s really good with numbers, so she’d be a good pick for the World Bank.
Dipshit has NO FUCKING CLUE.