Roger Stone’s Life Has Changed and Guess Which Old Buddy Doesn’t Call? Hint: DJT Are His Initials


There is always talk about how Trump is going to pardon Manafort, or he’s going to pardon Stone, or who knows who else who’s facing legal problems these days. There’s a group of Trump’s crooked cronies, all hoping for divine dispensation, engineered by Donald Trump. My theory has always been that Trump isn’t going to pardon anybody — not unless the situation is one where Trump will look good, and apparently he’s decided that Roger Stone’s case is not the right situation for that. Meanwhile, Stone is wailing about his woes. Orlando Sentinel:

“I’ve lost my home, my insurance, what little savings I had, my ability to make a living because people pay me to write and talk, and of course the things they want me to write and talk about are the very things I’m not allowed to talk and write about. In the blink of an eye you can lose everything.

“I have to pay everything I have to lawyers. And I could no longer pay the rent in the property that I was in. I moved from a nine-bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment. Had to do the move myself with my wife renting a truck. On the last day of the move in kind of a freak accident the truck slips out of gear and rolls over my wife’s ankle, breaking it.”

Stone and his wife, Nydia, lived in a $9,500-a-month house in the luxury Coral Isles subdivision, off Las Olas Boulevard between downtown Fort Lauderdale and the beach. It was the site of the dramatic, pre-dawn raid at which Stone was arrested in January.

So, while Roger Stone is going through all this, you might wonder where Trump is?

— Hasn’t spoken with Trump in nearly two years and “really” misses him.

“I’ve known him for 40 years. We’re very good friends. I don’t agree with everything he does, I agree with a lot of what he does,” Stone said. Stone said Trump was at his wedding, and he at two of Trump’s weddings; he was at the funerals for Trump’s parents, and is friendly with his sister. “I do miss him.”

They’re “very good friends” but they haven’t spoken in two years. Okey, doke. Guess I have a different definition of very good friend.

I don’t think Trump is going to do squat for Stone. Stone recently tried to ingratiate himself to Trump when he dissed the late Barbara Bush, the same week that Trump did. Pundits wondered if siding with Trump publicly about Barbara Bush was a dog whistle from Stone to Trump to rescue him. If so, I don’t think Trump heard it. Time will tell. But with Assange now in the picture, and Stone’s relationship with Assange, my sense of it is that Trump is going to soon find both Assange and Stone too hot to handle. We’ve already seen a sign of that, when Trump said Thursday, that he “didn’t know anything about WikiLeaks” and that WikiLeaks “wasn’t his thing.” It was his thing in 2016. That much we know.

Trump denying WikiLeaks does not bode well for Roger Stone. Wait and see.

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17 Comments on "Roger Stone’s Life Has Changed and Guess Which Old Buddy Doesn’t Call? Hint: DJT Are His Initials"

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Boo fucking hoo rog. Screw you, you entitled asshole. Trump has forsaken you! Oh , woe is me.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Vicki Daggett

I like the part where Trump pisses off all the people who know where the bodies are buried. Please proceed, Mr. President.


Donald Trump cares not one fsck about anyone not named Donald John Trump (SR that is). You’d think that Stone as his “very good friend” would know that by now. I can’t say that Roger’s troubles make me anything other than joyful.
This is a long time coming, but as they say, Karma’s a bitch.


Correction: Karma is a stone cold bitch whose patience inevitably runs out.

Denis Elliott
Stone is going to be convicted – the case against him is solid. Like others I don’t think Trump will pardon Stone unless there’s a benefit to him. It’s been suggested that should Trump lose in 2020 he will issue a rash of pardons on the way out the door, but it might be a time when Trump will actually listen to his lawyers – he’s facing plenty of trouble as it is (even if he tries to pardon himself, a legally dubious prospect there are hard core NY State charges in the works) and proving corrupt intent for Obstruction… Read more »
p j evans

If Stone is so poor, how is he paying for that fancy place he lives in? He should be in a one-bedroom apt in one of the lesser areas, instead.


In Roger Stone’s fall from grace, let the lesson be learned. When you have become useless to Trump, you will be pushed aside. And EVERYONE eventually becomes useless to him.