The Trump Clan Goes Hollywood!


I’m not just some hack you know. A couple of interviews n a radio program gave me an entre to the entertainment industry, and I’m going to use it. Through a few well placed sources I’ve learned that no matter how much Hollywood may hate Trump, they’re not going to turn their backs on a cash cow. So, here are a few soon to be released cinematic endeavors you’ll be sssing soon

A Hollywood Blockbuster Sci-Fi Flick


A Chilling Modern Horror Movie


A Family Classic Updated


A Legal Thriller


Even A New TV Sitcom


I don’t know about you, but I’m going to update my Fandango app for immediate alerts on this stuff. See ya at the movies!

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5 Comments on "The Trump Clan Goes Hollywood!"

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Denis Elliott

Given the ad I saw just below your upcoming blockbusters I think you should add a remake of a disturbing Stanley Kubrick classic – titled A Trumpwanker Orange. Or some other word play on the title – you’re already on a creative roll.


Red Don.

Carol O

He’s more like Lord of the Flies. Not sure if that became a movie, but he certainly has a way of gathering the most disgusting, disturbing swarm of lowlife to himself.