Another Cheap Shot From Trump, Who Calls Rep. Nadler “Fat Jerry” Because He’s Threatened By Him


Jerry Nadler and Donald Trump don’t like each other, and that’s been the status quo since the 80’s, when Trump wanted the government to subsidize real estate projects in New York that Nadler considered harmful. Now, they clash again, in 2019, because Nadler wants the Mueller report released, and he wants records from 81 people in Trump’s orbit.

Nadler recently was on Face the Nation, and here’s what he said about William Barr. “Remember [Barr] is a biased person. He is someone who is an agent of the administration, is an appointee, a political appointee of the president whose interests he may very well be protecting here.” Nadler has reason to feel this way. Don’t forget Barr’s 18 page memo in which he reached the conclusion that Trump had committed no obstruction of justice and then went on to say that Robert Mueller’s inquiry was “fatally misconceived”.

Trump responded to Nadler’s efforts at transparency, regarding the Mueller report, in typical Trump style. He recently called Nadler by a sophomoric nickname, “Fat Jerry,” referencing the fact that Nadler had weight reduction surgery years ago. Trump calling anybody fat is truly an example of denial taken to the myopic level. Trump can’t stand Nadler because Nadler has his number, has had for decades.  Washington Post:

“Jerry was on him from Day One,” said Linda Rosenthal, a former Nadler aide who later won his state Assembly seat. “He keenly understood that this was a man who would try to get the government to pay for all his mostly bollixed attempts at development . . . His casinos failed. He lost money on deals. He left the banks on the hook for his bad financial plans. . . . He was just such a braggart and such an insincere person, but Jerry saw through that.”

Trump never forgave Nadler, and privately he has simmered about the chairman and his investigation, calling him an irritant who has long been out to get him and recounting their New York run-ins to aides. He was alarmed by the chairman’s early March demands to 81 of Trump’s close associates and business partners for a range of documents, including material on Russia’s election interference and the president’s finances.

Trump has told White House aides to block the requests as much as possible, according to a senior administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss strategy.

So, Nadler wants to know the truth and he wants to see all the documentation, both on Mueller’s report and on Trump’s finances. The heat is on, both from Nadler and from Adam Schiff and many other Democrats. Trump can toss out all the derisive nicknames he wants to, Nadler is going to hold his feet to the fire. Watch.

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11 Comments on "Another Cheap Shot From Trump, Who Calls Rep. Nadler “Fat Jerry” Because He’s Threatened By Him"

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Cynthia Feaster
This is a very good article and thank you for revealing the reasons behind trump’s longstanding hatred of Cong. Nadler. The Congressman is going to stay on trump’s ass because if he’s doing his job and he is, then trump has to be called to account for exactly HOW he makes his money, why he won’t show his taxes not just to Congressional Democrats, but to the American people as well. Trump is not even a very good schoolyard bully- “Sticks and stones can hurt my bones but words will never harm me.” Oh but trump, Nadler and his investigatory… Read more »
Denis Elliott
Trump making fun of someone being fat is as ridiculous as me doing so. And if he’s going to ridicule Nadler for once having been overweight how come I don’t hear Trump giving nasty nicknames to Mike Huckabee? Now THAT would be a question to put to Trump’s press secretary who happens to be ole Mike’s daughter! Nadler is smarter and tougher than Trump and shut him (Trump) down back when Nadler had a lot less power than he’s got now. Trump knows damn well he’s facing an opponent who’s whipped his ass before and will do it to him… Read more »
rory darjiit
Somewhere in America a school guidance counselor and parent is having a conversation about the exact same behavior in a ten year-old. People on both sides commonly cite Trump as what we might call a very adept troll – they say that he’s great at this reality television dog fight garbage. But is he really? I would think that a good troll wouldn’t open themselves up to obvious counterattack. You can’t possibly read that Tweet and not stop to reflect on the whole pot and kettle issue with it. But this is consistent with his history and how he thinks.… Read more »

Ok this article with insults about Cong. Nadler’s body mass has been up long enough. We all know what the Liar-in-Chief called Nadler. Do we have to keep seeing this insult in print, every time we turn on this news site? Ursula you are the editor. Why don’t you kill this article. Keeping it online is so “schoolyardish.”


Trump is a moron, but Nadler should go home and hang himself. He’s a turd. In fact, all of you left wing democrats are.