Lara Trump Says Donald Trump Will Raise $1Billion In Campaign Funds, Easily Win 2020 Election


Lara Trump, wife of Eric, is a typical Trump, insofar as she doesn’t let the facts get in the way of a good, self-serving fantasy. She announced this week that Donald Trump is doing “historic fundraising,” and plans to raise $1Billion to stay in the White House. This will be interesting to see, since Democrats raised far more money than Republicans in the last two elections. Obama raised $731Mil to Romney’s $474Mil in 2012, and Hillary Clinton raised $623Mil compared to Trump’s $335. But now, all that is going to change, Lara Trump tells us, and Trump will triple what he raised in 2016, even with all his bad press and sinking polls. Despite those gloomy indicators, Lara Trump said Friday, “We like to set very high expectations for ourselves.” Current expectations are a billion dollars in campaign donations and a slam dunk re-election. Newsweek:

On Friday, Lara Trump told Fox News she is not concerned with the current field of Democratic candidates, saying they are all trying to “out-Bernie” one another by embracing ideas such as “socialism.” Speaking to Fox & Friends Sunday, Trump said they are not concerned over former Vice President Joe Biden’s potential run and she said the Democratic Party establishment should be “very worried” should an Independent candidate such as Howard Schultz run in 2020.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told the Associated Press Friday there have been more than 1.1 million new donors since Election Day, with 100,000 alone in January. She claimed there have been at least seven days with seven-figure, small-dollar intakes since January 1.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale first predicted the campaign will spend $1 billion in 2020 last week. On Friday, Lara Trump told Fox News she believes Trump will win re-election “very easily.”

Lara Trump was the one who said that federal workers should bite the bullet during the government shutdown and “feel a little pain” because the “wall is so much bigger than them.” Right.

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p j evans

I keep wondering what universe they’re all living in, besides one where it’s okay to lie, cheat, and steal in order to get whatever you want – if you’re a conservative/reactionary.

Denis Elliott
I figure the Trump Crime Org can shake down/extort three to five hundred million from various U.S. donors/businesses. As for the rest they plan to get it from Putin & perhaps Xi. The problem of course is the cost of laundering a half billion (or so) of that illegal foreign money – it will take at least double of that to funnel it through U.S. citizens to donate it on their behalf. Even the true goobers in Trumplandia will want to get their vig for laundering the money – especially now that they’ve realized what’s happened to their taxes and… Read more »

They really do live in some alternate reality don’t they?
Of course, Trump has to raise $1 billion, to have $10 million to actually spend on campaigning, after pocketing his personal share-which is naturally booked for his minders in Russia.


And then there are his legal fees to consider. He won’t have much left for campaigning, but I don’t think that’s what he has in mind anyway.

Lone Wolf

If you had $400 million in the period after the great recession, 2008–2009 you would use it as leverage to get more loans, or things with a greater rate of return, Trump spent it all on real estate, CASH…Most people in the real estate business seem to believe paying cash isn’t the best way to make deals, which raises the question of why he was doing this. Where did it come from? Where will this $1 billion go? Who’s secret offshore bank account? Baron’s???

rory darjiit
I think this is her way of saying “we are going to raise whatever it takes to win.” And I think they feel that they have to win…because if they don’t, the entire Trump empire is at risk. The thing is…I’m not sure that winning will be much help. When Donald Trump made an enemy of the supermajority of Americans, then installed himself in the most scrutinized position in human history…that was…not very smart. Americans have an immutable sense of justice. They…we…are going to follow him around for the rest of his life, and we are going to following his… Read more »