Kirstjen Nielsen Gone At Homeland Security, Right After Trump Decides To Go With “Tougher” ICE Director


This is truly one of Trump’s more obtuse maneuvers. Kristen Nielsen was like a lap dog to Trump. She went along with his fabrication of an emergency at the southern border, likening it to a “Force 5 Hurricane.” Be that as it may, he bounced her early Sunday evening after an Oval Office meeting and then tweeted about it, so it’s official now. Nielsen, who took over the department from John Kelly, lasted sixteen months. Another firing in Crazytown. Daily Beast:

The general focus of the department has changed drastically under Nielsen’s leadership, too, officials said. Over the past year, most of the department’s high-level briefings and meetings have centered around threats by foreign actors, particularly those from South America. At the same time, the department has drawn back from looking at threats posed by people living in the U.S. who have the potential to carry out mass casualty attacks, the officials said.

Even after the shootings in Pittsburgh and California, the department continued to focus more of its attention on the border security and the caravan, DHS staffers told The Daily Beast.

The top of the press packet compiled and distributed on November 9, 2018, the day after the shooting in Thousand Oaks, reads: “Administration Moves To Require Asylum Seekers To Go To Designated Ports Of Entry.” Under that section, the briefing quotes and bolds a Breitbart headline: “Fewer than 10 percent of Central American Migrants Arriving At Border Have Legitimate Asylum Claim.”

Out of about 19 pages of  quoted media text, 1.5 focuses on the California shooting, 3.5 on border security and immigration and six on the Mueller investigation, Whitaker and the White House response. The rest of the pages touch on news about cyber security, terrorism investigations and other DHS-related topics.

This is on top of Trump recently pulling the nomination of Ron Vitello, was was going to be the new head of ICE. That decision was made because Vitello is not tough enough for the likes of Stephen Miller — however that translates. CNN:

President Donald Trump is pulling the nomination of Ron Vitiello to lead US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, saying he wants to go in a “tougher direction” — a move that came at the urging of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller.

“we’re going in a little different direction. ron’s a good man but we’re going in a tougher direction. we want to go in a tougher direction,” trump told reporters friday at the white house.

MILLER DIRECTLY LOBBIED TRUMP TO PULL THE NOMINATION, TWO WHITE HOUSE OFFICIALS TOLD cnn. miller went to the president and told him that vitello, who has led the agency in an acting capacity since last summer, was not fully in favor of closing the southern border, as trump has threatened to do in recent days.

One can only speculate what “tougher” translates as, but with Stephen Miller in charge, look for some brown shirt wearing, goose stepping fascist to take control. You don’t need a degree in political science to figure out that Stephen Miller is running immigration in the Trump administration, and to say that that doesn’t bode well for human rights is an understatement.

It’s blatantly clear that immigration is Trump’s signature issue. That makes sense. The people coming across the border are the most vulnerable and marginized of people and therefore Trump can abuse and bully them, basically to his heart’s content. And that is what fascists love to do. This is a dark day, another dark day I should say, for human rights.
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“It’s blatantly clear that immigration is Trump’s signature issue”.
Has anyone else noticed all his signatures are messy scrawls done with the bluntest pen tip?

Denis Elliott

Trump has long whined about wanting “his” Roy Cohn. However, he’s had his own Eichman all along in the form of Stephen Miller. We can’t post pics here but look up pics of the two of them and imagine Miller with those horned rim glasses Eichman wore during his trial.


Almost as much as Trump, I want to see that little nazi twerp get taken down. Probably not though, since all of his policies seem to be initiated in plain view and there appear to be no repercussions.


How long before Stephen Miller gets that same knife in the back? Because if a lickspittle like Nielson can get it, so can he.


Horrifying. You know, I had to stop and think for a few seconds what “California shooting” was referred to. Trump just doesn’t get terribly worked up when some native-born white man slaughters bunch of people, does he? And it keeps happening so often I can’t keep track. I’ll be thinking a lot longer about the last mass shooting perpetrated by an undocumented immigrant — because there has been none.


I’m not worried for Kirtsjen. I’m sure she will find a new job quickly.
I mean, it’s not like working for tRump and supporting his bat-crap crazy policies is a permanent stain on one’s resume.