George Conway Ups His Game, Now Mocking Barr’s Redaction Efforts



This is the real Mueller report battle. Previously, we thought that just allowing Mueller to finish the report was the battle, and once we got it, all would be well. And, in fact, once we have it, all may be will. It’s the actual possession of it, unredacted, that we need. What’s the old expression, “possession is 9/10 of the law?” Exactly.

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5 Comments on "George Conway Ups His Game, Now Mocking Barr’s Redaction Efforts"

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rory darjiit

It makes me uncomfortable to watch those two say or do anything. I mean, for many reasons, but there’s that incredibly awkward thing where a married couple take opposite positions and you feel like there’s some transference of emotions from problems in the relationship.

It reminds me of this movie…I don’t remember the name…Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas are married and get increasingly hateful and dysfunctional toward one anyone. I think it’s supposed to be a comedy, but I have to stay 500 miles away from it because it messes with me psychologically.