Colbert Mocks Trump’s Low Popularity Ratings and It’s A Hoot


Donald Trump doesn’t do well in polls these days and the E-ratings generated by The New York Times are just more grist for the mill. Stephen Colbert did a riff on his show the other night on Trump’s E-ratings. Colbert said, “an E-Score measures awareness and appeal of individuals in the public eye. It’s all got to sting for him because Donald Trump is obsessed with being liked. That’s why so many people can’t stand him,” cracked Colbert.

Trump is polling at 39% negative appeal versus 13% positive appeal. Ouch.

“The Democrats in Congress have demanded his tax returns, his financial records, and the full Mueller report,” said Colbert. “To embarrass him next they are going to ask him what his children’s birthday’s are. Then Colbert got into has nasalized Neanderthal voice, which is a perfect imitation of Donald Trump, “I plead the 5th…4th of July, that’s something isn’t it?”


Poor Donald. More cold hard facts. All brought to you by the media, the enemy of the people.


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We love The Late Show with Colbert … we were splitting the long lasting statement, “gut”, last night … Trump leaves SO MUCH trash laying around, his unending lies, now his baseless statements of, who knows what? When you try to listen to him, and his continuous snide remarks about everyone else, then he makes up shit to brag on for himself with many things still attributed to Obama, stuff on his mind numbing, “went to the wall visit”, saw his plaque on the new section of wall, actually a repair job scheduled by, you got it, Obama …. Colbert… Read more »
Rita Tecoma

I Love Colbert ……He is a hoot !