Alas, Poor Yorick, Is Trump Seeing Ghosts? Now He’s Attacking The Late Barbara Bush


Donald Trump hates to be hated. He knows he’s hated, he knows why he’s hated, and yet his response to all that is not to amend his ways, as it would be with most people. We all want to be loved, after all. No, his response is retribution, even if the parties in question are no longer here to defend themselves. As a matter of fact, Trump probably prefers going after targets that cannot talk back to him, that way he is assured of having the last word. A Barbara Bush biography, “The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making Of A Dynasty” was released April 2. Barbara Bush couldn’t stand Donald Trump, considered him a vulgar idiot, and those kinds of anecdotes are are in the book.

The best one is probably the one about a Trump Countdown Clock, which was given to Mrs. Bush as a gift, after election night 2016. It literally counts down the number of days, hours, and minutes that Trump has left in the White House. In any event, Trump was prompted to take a shot at Mrs. Bush, even though he must perforce go beyond this vale of tears, to the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns, in order to do so.

“Look, she’s the mother of somebody that I competed against,” he said. “Most people thought he [Jeb Bush] was going to win and he was quickly out.”

“I have heard she was nasty to me, but she should be,” Trump said in an interview the Washington Times. “Look what I did to her sons.”

So, here we have it, friends, our own insane king implanted in the Oval Office, and yes, it’s a tragedy, worst tragedy of my lifetime, certainly. I say that henceforth, we call Trump, “King Leer,” while we wait for the final crackup. It can’t come soon enough, although it already feels like it’s too late.

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Denis Elliott
Punching down is what a coward like Trump does. That he’d trash a dead person who when alive was willing to sometimes publicly stand up to him is no surprise at all. He hates the coward part of him that literally needs to strike at someone who can’t fight back literally because they are dead, but revels in the fact that the living members or his Party are so terrified he’ll go after them in a tweet storm won’t defend the dead people he trashes. Trump could fire up his innards with fast food to the point of having explosive… Read more »

King Leer is my new favourite.

P J Evans

Roger Stone is doing the same thing – angling for a pardon, maybe?