HA! NRA Wing Nut Describes Bernie Plotting Against Biden So Michael Bloomberg Can Win


The NRA hates Michael Bloomberg. They call him the “most anti-gun politician in America.” They were doubtlessly relieved when Bloomberg decided to retrieve the hat that he had thrown into the presidential ring for 2020, and stand down. Today, however, Grant Stinchfield, of NRA-TV, posited a rather unique theory: that Bloomberg really is going to run for president after all, and that it’s all an “anti-gun socialist” plot, orchestrated by Bernie Sanders. RawStory (3 minute clip at bottom of page):

“The newfound exposing of Biden may have been orchestrated by the Bernie Sanders crew,” Stinchfield offered. “Bernie will not benefit as much as Michael Bloomberg will. With Biden out, Bloomberg would come back in. For gun owners, that would be a disaster.”

“The most anti-gun politician in America,” the NRA host continued. “A man willing to spend millions to destroy the Second Amendment, steal your rights. In an ultimate power grab, he could ultimately become president and his destructive ways would not just stop with the Second Amendment.”

“His anti-freedom government would then go on a seek-and-destroy mission of anyone or anything associated with guns and conservatism,” Stinchfield remarked. “The NRA would be his first target. That means you.”

The sad thing about the NRA is how they conflate any kind of gun background checks or regulations with confiscation of guns and immediate abrogation of the second amendment — with the first amendment soon to follow, by the way. It’s a very black and white universe.

What’s even sadder is that this cultural rift exists to begin with and isn’t getting any better.

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The attacks on Biden may indeed have been orchestrated by the Bernie campaign — I put nothing beyond this ruthlessly self-centered and egotistical man with an inflated view of his own greatness. But the Bloomberg part shows me that they’ve gone off the rails at the NRA and their real fear is that if background checks are passed that keep violently mental ill people from owning guns, the leadership of the NRA would be the first to have their guns taken away.


Absolutely the most logical reason for the NRA to demand crazy people, domestic abusers and violent felons have unfettered access to guns—the organization’s employees then wouldn’t be allowed to tote lethal accessories wherever they go.