(Full disclosure, I support Harris at this time.)

Just days after former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg announces he raised $7M in the first quarter of 2019, to much media hooplah and swooning, Kamala Harris almost doubles his efforts disclosing she raised $12M.

According to Chris Cillizza, this is good news for….Mayor Pete.

Twitter didn’t think much of that take:



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3 Comments on "Kamala Harris Announces $12M 1st Quarter Haul, Chris Cillizza Says That’s Good News for Mayor Pete."

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The spin that her donations should be weighed against the population of California, while his are weighed against the population of South Bend, is ludicrous. Presidential campaigns are ALL national. She cannot win with just California and he cannot win with just South Bend (and I’m willing to bet almost none of his donations came from South Bend). In addition, his entry into the race has been greeted with fawning adulation and uncritical coverage in the media. The media is besotted with the fact that an extremely young white man has the chutzpah to run for president directly from being… Read more »
You’re forgetting one key point about Buttigieg’s candidacy that helps distinguish him from his other male competition: He’s openly gay. As to your rather unfair disparagement about having “no qualifications for the job,” need I remind you that he’s incredibly more qualified than the current White House resident? “Mayor Pete” has that sobriquet because he IS a mayor. Oh, he’s also served in the US Naval Reserve WHILE serving as mayor (serving in Afghanistan). Also, there’s the fact that he’s already announced he won’t be running for reelection as Mayor so, unlike most of his current Senatorial competition, he’ll be… Read more »
Sorry, but being gay is no more a “qualification” than being straight. Being in the arts my entire life, I have known hundreds of LGBTQ people, some great, some appalling. And please, please, PLEASE, can we retire the idea that being more qualified than Trump means anything at all? My cat Colin whose butt I am removing from my keyboard now is more qualified than Trump. Also let’s get over this weird worship of the military which I think is a result of years of equally weird Republican attacks on Democrats for not being “strong on the military,” never mind… Read more »