A Slice Of Life In The Era Of Trump


This is how the seeds of fascism are sewn. First of all, you find an “other” and then you demonize them. “They” become the root cause for every problem in your life, and whether it’s building a concentration camp or a wall, it’s the same prospect, it’s looking for a final solution of eliminating the Other.

Here’s a link to a California story where a racist woman (the one in the image on this piece) who was visibly intoxicated in the morning, berated a woman in a gas station, for greeting another woman in Spanish. Despite the Spanish-speaking woman saying that she had been born and raised in America, the redneck Trump supporter kept the hate dirge going, “prove it to me motherfu**er.”

Trump is the icon that the angry and disenchanted rally behind. They honestly don’t know that he’s a carnival barker germophobe who utterly disdains them as people and merely wants their money and their cheers. They don’t get that, to their detriment and to ours. Trump “articulates their rage,” like the Howard Beal character in “Network.” That’s what the cult is all about.

A vote for Trump is a vote for hate. That really is the long and the short of it. The election of Trump is a political anomaly, made possible by a sociological phenomenon of so many people in the electorate feeling disenfranchised and left behind. I get that they feel that way. The fact that they look to Donald Trump for any kind of relief is incredibly sad.

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It always has been, from the day he rode down on his stupid gold escalator. People tried to deny it, for some reason.


I wonder if that guy’s mom would be proud of him?????? If he were my son, I’d kick his ass!!!


If you mean Trump’s mom, the answer is no, she wouldn’t. She worried late in her life that she has raised “a monster” (her words.)

If you mean a guy in the video, I can’t say.