Trump Wants WaPo and NYT To Be Stripped Of Their Pulitzer Prizes


Trump is using the Barr letter, which has never been professed to be anything more than a preliminary summary of the Mueller report, to make himself the Big Kahuna, the winner in the battle of Trump v. The Press. He is setting himself up insanely for a fall. It isn’t going to happen that way. If you read the other piece put up on PolitiZoom this morning, about Trump escalating his war on the press by making 30 second promos of reporters talking about collusion, you know he’s out of his mind. Even Mark Meadows is against this idea. He’s not going to shame the press, he’s going to dig his own grave.

Look for this narrative to go another few weeks and then with the release of the Mueller report, things will change dramatically.

But the last word goes to Donald Trump Jr., whose idiocy outdistances even his father’s.

Yes, junior, we hate to tell you, but there IS a Pulitzer Prize for works of fiction.

Both the Times and Post had a calm response:

The New York Times and Washington Post also defended themselves from the Trumps’ charges of fake news. Their Pulitzer-winning reporting tackled the numerous interactions between Trump’s campaign and Russian operatives—including Don Jr.’s infamous Trump tower meeting. None of the reporting was disputed in Barr’s memo on the Mueller report, and both papers stand by their articles. “We’re proud of our Pulitzer-prize winning reporting on Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election,” wrote The Times‘s public relations Twitter account in response to Trump’s initial tweet. “Every @nytimes article cited has proven accurate.”

Reign of the simpletons. Government of the simpletons, by the simpletons, and for the simpletons, that’s Trumpworld. Only, where the hell does that leave the rest of us?

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I’ve been calling the time before the Barr Summary “the calm before the storm.” This here is looking like the first rumblings of the storm itself. Trump is once again pretending certain hard facts are just not true, that the Barr Summary actually vindicates him. It’s brought out all his worst instincts in terms of punishing his foes…the single worst thing he could have done. This won’t end well for him.

Rio J. Elkhart

Trump is so lame, it is beyond words. He is having a tantrum because Fox News did not, and never will, win a Pulitzer Prize.


Because even their fiction is terrible.

Denis Elliott

I’ve got a better idea. Trump should be stripped of his Presidency. And his ill gotten money. And his freedom.