Russia Is Asking For Full Mueller Report To Be Made Public


Maybe this is the magical incantation that will convince Trump to release the Mueller report in full: Russia wants it. God knows Trump seems to jump to please Vladimir Putin and advance his agenda anytime that he can. Bloomberg:

Russia called on the U.S. to publish in full Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, saying this is the best way to clear up allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

“I’d like to read the entire report,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in an interview with Ekho Moskvy radio on Thursday. “Let them publish it in full and at least we’ll find out what it’s based on.”

Russian officials, who repeatedly poured scorn on allegations of collusion with the Trump campaign, were delighted by the outcome of the Mueller investigation, even as some said it would do little to ease pressure in Washington on the president over his desire to improve relations.

Seriously, I hope Trump gets wind of this somehow. This will save the rest of us a lot of time and grief.

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8 Comments on "Russia Is Asking For Full Mueller Report To Be Made Public"

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Smells like more Russian interference to me. With Trump’s approval numbers crashing, and Americans more divided than ever on the issues of collusion and conspiracy, if Russia’s ultimate goal is to totally destabilize the country, what better way to ramp up the political knife-fights and RWNJ threats than to expose the Mueller report’s seedy details to the American people? Those of us who haven’t been radicalized by FOX and the corrupt GOP aren’t gonna flag in our efforts to see that idiot traffic cone removed from the Oval Office–if not jailed–but the undoubtedly damaging info Mueller’s full report contains will… Read more »
Nancy M Parker

What they are fishing for is sources and methods. Whatever is made public in America is open to the world including our enemies, so the report HAS to be carefully redacted except for Intelligence committees.


I suspect what they want even more than chaos now is the opportunity to make hit lists from it, knock off a few peole, and create even more chaos in the future. They’ll probably do their best to frame Dems for the hits too. This is interesting, but it bodes no good that I can see.