Barr Won’t Agree To Sharing Full Mueller Report, Cover Up, Much?


According to the Daily Beast Barr refuses to share the full Mueller report with Congress:

Attorney General Bill Barr told a top House Democrat he would not commit to sharing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report with Congress, according to a Democratic congressional aide. Barr said as much in a call with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler on March 27, the aide said. Democrats are likely to charge Barr with participating in a cover-up if he withholds any portion of the report from Congress. The primary obstacle to Barr turning over the report is the presence of grand-jury material, the aide said. The aide said Nadler offered to work with Barr to try to get a judge to authorize the release of the material, and Barr replied that he was open to the argument but would continue the process of redacting the report. A Justice Department spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

—Betsy Woodruff

This is where it gets ugly. Barr has an April 2 deadline, expect it to be missed. How making a big deal out of this is a good idea, eludes me, but maybe Barr has some ultimate plan that only he understands.

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7 Comments on "Barr Won’t Agree To Sharing Full Mueller Report, Cover Up, Much?"

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Mueller was supposed to clear things up for us, not make things worse. This is worse. I kind of doubt we’ll ever see the report.


How is this a smart way to handle this? I guess it is worth it to him to protect his beloved Republican party. This is nuts.


See Streisand Effect!

Glaringly, simple, easy to understand words and even actions speaking LOUDER than words … Mr. Barr, give the House the un-redacted report now !! They, Mr. Schiff and the oversight committee as well, have the ultimate security clearance and beyond any other people in congress are there to save our country from those that would allow any other country to interfere with our election system, if you decide to cover-up the results of the Mueller report, we the people will ask our committees in OUR House to contact Mr. Mueller with papers to release a non-redacted copy to each committee… Read more »

Barr will delay and redact excessively to protect his boss and his party. Is that a surprise? Ultimately, it won’t work. Trump will be voted out, the next president will release the report in full, and Barr will be exposed for what he is by what he tried to keep hidden.