Michael Avenatti Has Had Better Mondays, Arrested For Attempted Extortion Against Nike, Bank Fraud


It’s no secret that many movies will be made about Trumpworld and the characters therein. As of today, one of those characters, former Trump Troll in Chief, Michael Avenatti, might end up having a movie made about just him, because his saga just got even more enticing. Avenatti was arrested Monday in Manhattan, charged with attempt to extort $20Mil from Nike, and in a separate case, for bank fraud and embezzlement in California. Celebrity attorney Mark Geragos was named as co-conspirator in the Nike matter.  Wall Street Journal:

After the March 19 conversation with Messrs. Avenatti and Geragos, Nike and Boies Schiller [law firm] contacted the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, people familiar with the matter said. At prosecutors’ direction, Scott Wilson, a Boies Schiller partner, recorded a March 20 conversation with Mr. Geragos and Mr. Avenatti, in which Mr. Avenatti “made it clear” he expected to be paid at least $10 million in exchange for not holding a news conference, according to the complaint.

During the conversation, held on the eve of Nike’s quarterly earnings call, Mr. Avenatti said that if his demands weren’t met, “I’ll go take ten billion dollars off your client’s market cap…I’m not f—ing around.”

On Monday afternoon, Mr. Avenatti was scheduled for a meeting at Boies Schiller’s midtown offices—a sting operation at which Mr. Avenatti was to be arrested, two people familiar with the matter said.

He never arrived at the meeting. Shortly after noon, Mr. Avenatti tweeted that he would hold a news conference Tuesday to discuss evidence he claimed to have of “a major high school/college basketball scandal perpetrated” by Nike. Mr. Avenatti’s tweet claimed the “criminal conduct reaches the highest levels of Nike.”

Within minutes, Mr. Avenatti was in custody.

Avenatti, as you well recall, was considering a run for POTUS in 2020 on the Democratic ticket. Many Democrats soured on Avenatti’s hubris and after he presented a client of his, Julie Swetnick, to testify of allegations of sexual misconduct by then-SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, it was deemed that this time Avenatti had gone too far. Democrats began to accuse Avenatti of carrying Kavanaugh “over the finish line.”

The final nail in the coffin might be the fact that Stormy Daniels issued a statement Monday afternoon, declaring that she had severed her professional relationship with Avenatti.

Sigh. I sure do miss how he used to troll Trump, that was epic.

Oh, by the way, CNN announced today that Avenatti is no longer a contributor. And Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that maybe Avenatti could share a cell with Michael Cohen. Never a dull moment.

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Denis Elliott
I can’t help but think about some (not many but not only a few either) on that other site who thought it would be cool to have Avenatti run for President, if only to troll Trump during the primaries. Not all of us thought that was a good idea and sure enough, he seems to have become carried away with his success (and he did win a lot of cases for a lot of money over the years) and then fame. The dude have supernova written all over him. And when the stuff about his financial disputes with former associates… Read more »

Oh boy, was I ever a fool, I admit it. I was conned. Yay.


At least I was never on board with his presidential aspirations. Lol. I just loved the fact that he scared the shit out of trump.