Stormy Daniels Has A New Gig As Stand Up Comic, Sex With Trump Her Main Gag


Stormy Daniels never fails to surprise. Recently, she did a two show, one night gig in Houston and tried her hand at stand up comedy — which believe it or not, incurred the wrath of comedians. Daily Beast:

“Doing standup is not a reward for being famous. Please leave the weekend gigs for actual female comics,” Laurie Kilmartin, a comedian and writer for Conanwrote on Twitter. (“I’ve been writing comedy material for over 10 yrs. Would you like me to critique your bj skills? Your whole foot fits in your mouth so you’ll prob do great,” Daniels fired back.)

But despite media exhortations that comedy could be Daniels’ “next big career move,” she seemed to have no airs about what she was doing Wednesday night. Her appearance at what is normally the designated open-mic night at the comedy club was little more than a book tour appearance dressed up as a comedy showcase.

“I had no idea that comedians were such little bitches,” Daniels said of the furor her appearance caused, before she asked the audience to “be gentle, it’s my first time…I didn’t think I’d ever get to use those words again.”

She had a few other great one liners like, “First of all, thank you for coming—which has a completely different meaning than my other job,” and she said this about her now-historic close encounter with Donald Trump.

A few questions addressed her intimate knowledge of Trump—and elicited some of her best zingers of the night. When asked whether the presidential carpet matched the presidential drapes, she responded, “I don’t know, I’ve never been to the White House,” and she laughed off the answer to the most money she’s ever made from a single sex act with, “Really, I think we all know the answer to that!”

The biggest comedian of the night was perhaps the anonymous audience member who asked “Did Trump scream your name or his during sex?” (“He really just kind of squeaked or grunted like you would have imagined. It was really unintelligible,” Daniels responded.)

I’ve always liked Stormy Daniels. She’s got a good head on her shoulders and she doesn’t let anybody push her around. Trumpworld abounds with unique characters, but she’s genuinely one of the most interesting, as opposed to corrupt and perverse.

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I agree, she has an interesting career, has met a bunch of different people, does not seem presumptuous or always angry or a holier that thou attitude, that covers DJT and pence to some extent, but she does honor to the female spirit and strength of NO apology for her profession … a good number of women are involved in her activities in Nevada as a regular profession, the honor of that might be questioned by Pence, but like a whole lot of people, My biggest concern about Pense is that he better not pretend to be the POTUS, such… Read more »