Well, if this ain’t a bite in the ass…


“Russia expressed anger Wednesday that President Vladimir Putin has not been invited to ceremonies marking the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II in Poland later this year.

The foreign ministry voiced its “bewilderment” upon learning of Warsaw’s plan to mark the anniversary of the start of WWII only with Poland’s close allies — members of the European Union and NATO and several ex-Soviet nations.

Russia accused the Polish authorities of ignoring “historic logic” and seeking to turn the September commemorations into a “secret” meeting.

“Despite our Homeland’s unquestionably decisive contribution to the defeat of Hitler’s Reich and the liberation of Poland from the Nazi aggressors there is no place for Russia in this plan,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.”

Uh, Vlad, on Sept. 17, 1939, just seventeen days after Hitler invaded Poland from the west, the Soviet Union invaded from the east without a declaration of war, sending between a half a million to a million troops over the Polish border against a token defense — as Poland was concentrating it’s troops in the west against the Nazis.

As many as 300,000 Poles were subsequently sent east to Siberia to slave in the Soviet war effort for the next six years or so.

Many did not return.

And while much credit is due to your country for destroying the German Army, you hardly “liberated” Poland, taking it under military and political control for the better part of five decades after you’d driven the Nazis out.

How about you STFU and let the Poles commemorate this solemn anniversary with their current allies?

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6 Comments on "Putin Angry that Poland Doesn’t Want Him at Ceremony Commemorating That Time Russia Invaded Poland."

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Denis Elliott
It’s also worth remembering that initially even though they didn’t sign on with the Axis, Russia/Stalin and Germany/Hitler reached an agreement which boiled down to in exchange for them not joining the Allied powers Germany wouldn’t invade Russia. Hitler of course broke that deal as he’d broken every other agreement and that’s how Russia became an Allied Power. And then whined & whined that instead of devoting EVERY resource to them and them alone the Allies (IOW the U.S.) actually fought Germany, Japan & Italy on every front because that’s what had to be done. This ole jarhead says screw… Read more »
How fast we forget the history of Russia in WWII and how fast people are believing Putin’s revised history. Russia also was eyeballing China at that time since the Japanese had essentially taken a huge chunk of China. Stalin wanted China as part of his country so that he would have a much larger control of the East. His plans failed. Had a conversation with a young millennial the other day. He was fascinated by my scale replica of Old Crow. When we discussed WWII, he had totally bought the Putin version of the “transgressions”, etc. yet he had not… Read more »

And the Russo/Chinese rivalry continues to this day. During the Cold War, there was a major split between them on policy after Stalin’s death as well as territorial disputes that went as far as back, I believe, as Czarist Russia. Ironically, I would not be a bit surprised if China turned Russia or part of it into its own vassal state after Putin dies.

Jane Dobry

Actually, the number of Polish citizens deported to Siberia and Kazakhstan was as high as 1.5 million.

Mary Shaw

Good for Poland.


And during WWII most of our military and our civilian leaders knew that Russia was a temporary ally, and not to be trusted beyond the end of the war!