When drumpf sent this vile piece of garbage tweet out yesterday…

…near the beginning of a day long spate of the Twitter equivalent of deranged poo-flinging, many journos rightly, but rather obtusely, denounced the disgusting attack on John McCain that provided cover for the der groppenfuhrer’s true intent — attempting to implant the lie that McCain sought to disseminate the dossier before the election in 2016 —  and thus suggesting by falsehood that there was an attempt to change it’s outcome, as he is charged with doing himself.

Sharp-eyed Natasha Bertrand and her following wasn’t going to let him get away with it:

And Sarah is out front on this bombshell which is likely to dominate future news:

If you can read Czech and get past Respekt.CZ’s paywall there is probably a hell of a diary there.

I can’t, and have to skedaddle off to work in any case…but it’s nice to know that while I’m away Bertrand is keeping her eyes peeled.

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2 Comments on "Trump Tries to Re-Write Timeline of Dossier Release, Natasha Bertrand Calls Him Out On It."

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Thank you Durrati. Something something a lie makes it around the world before the truth can get its pants on.


Oh something is afoot. When donnie gets this Schadenfreude in Twitter is because his nappies are full!