Fox News Replaces Jeanine Pirro With Donna Brazile, Washington Post Calls Bulls*it


Take a moment to glance out the window and see if any porcine cuties have, by chance, sprouted wings and are whirling around the garden. And are the piggies wearing lipstick? And while you’re at it, if you have any friends in Hell, give them a jingle and find out if it’s freezing Down There, because Fox News has replaced Jeanine Pirro, at least for the time being, with none other than former DNC chair Donna Brazile. Wait, you say — doesn’t Fox hate Donna Brazile? Didn’t Fox carry on and on about Donna Brazile cheating by leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton? And didn’t Brazile hate them back, bigtime? Yeah, but: this is show biz, and the Washington Post lays it on the line better than anybody I’ve read so far:

All of this mutual enmity makes for a perfect Washington story, in which both parties set aside their principled objections in favor of their unprincipled interests. Brazile needs a gig and a platform; Fox News needs a strong liberal voice so that it can continue attempting to cast itself as a purveyor of fair-and-balanced coverage. So they inked a contributor contract, as Variety reported on Monday.

Fox News host Dana Perino called Brazile’s signing a “bold move” as she introduced the new contributor on Monday afternoon’s show. Said Brazile: “I’ve been on and off Fox for the last 15 years, but this is an opportunity to reach across the aisle, to reach even within my own political party and to independents and others who might want to hear what’s happening within the Democratic Party, what’s happening in the country and, of course, hear my perspective….”

Oh, yes, Fox News viewers want to know what’s going on within the Democratic party. Yes, indeed. And Fox News now feels it has a duty to reach out to Democrats. Did somebody drop LSD in the water supply in Los Angeles, or are the rest of you able to read the same tweets that I am?

Howard Kurtz does “Media Buzz” at Fox News, so it’s official, Fox News is suddenly consumed with a burning desire to hear from the Democrats. And here’s what Fox viewers have to say about the new hire:

The Washington Post’s final words on this topic:

Similarly, the idea of “reaching across the aisle” on a cable-news set is risible. Brazile is, again, a television pundit who’ll be laying out her expert commentary in panel discussions for the foreseeable future. What happens on Fox News panels doesn’t qualify as genuine political engagement. It’s all a show ― a show that thrives on bickering and sound-bites that play well on tweeted videos. It’s the locus of division and misconception, not healing.

Politics as entertainment got us into the mess that we’re in, with the reality show actor carnival barker in the Oval Office and the government effectively at a standstill, except for when Trump throws a monkey wrench into the works and congress has to take time away from governance and do crisis management.

Donna Brazile is the obligatory token black female commentator. That’s the long and the short of it. Fox News apparently thinks it’s covering it’s butt on some level, but from my perspective, this is truly the most laughable thing they’ve put on their airwaves in many moons and in a “truth isn’t truth” world, that is saying a lot. Brazile’s hiring is just Fox News punting while it figures out how long to keep Pirro on suspension, or whether to cut her loose altogether, and it’s need to placate angry sponsors, and prove to them it’s legitimacy as a balanced news outlet. Good luck on that. This should be interesting to watch, and not because Brazile has anything to share on a bi-partisan basis. This looks to be a real circus act in its own right, Fox’s token black female pundit, being a Democrat of some prominence. Wait until the topic of Brazile’s good buddy and Trump nemesis Maxine Waters comes up. Holy conflict of interests, Batman.

Jesus, take the wheel.

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peace with stories

I’m actually flabbergasted, that hasn’t happened in years. This is, indeed, a circus.


I keep clicking my heels but I’m still here! Wait, no – holly s**t. It’s not a dream…or a ..nightmare?
Ok, I’m putting away all the books I’m currently reading and suspending; reality just got very interestingly weird!


If you’d like me to pinch you awake, just say the word.


Does it come with a voltage?


Wow! Unbelievable! I admit I am stunned.

Denis Elliott

I’ve never thought she was all that great a political operative. Or pundit for that matter. I also believe she crotch punted the Democratic Party in the aftermath of the whole Bernie vs. Hillary mess that was partly of her own making. IOW I’m one of those people who wish she’d just go away. I suspect the ratings for her new gig will be such that Faux Nooz will quickly decide they too just want her to quietly go away.


TY Ms. Faw.


Your first two paragraphs are most excellent.


Fox news ratings are in the toilet, this is an understandable business move. They need someone watching besides 75-year-old white blue-collar Archie Bunkers. Hopefully Ms. Brazile will open some minds among the Fox viewership, and at the same time stay out of the Dem leadership allowing for fresh faces and ideas.


There is another network out there …. OAN … One America Network. Available on Roku for a $5.99 premium or on Directv Channel 384. Mostly news and a few hours of conservative shows at 8 and 9 PM. We’ve switched.