The Australian Senator from Queensland who, unbelievably, blamed the victims of the Christchurch shooting for their own deaths, stating  “Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?” and whose family fortune was founded by stealing land from Australian Aboriginals and, at times, kidnap and forced labor of the same will be censured by the government and opposition as well as being investigated for punching the much smaller minor who egged him on says Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Morrison promised “the full force of the law” would be brought to bear against the pugilistic Senator who stepped way down in weight class when striking the child who did this….

In related news the punchy Senator was treated to a classic Australian dressing down when spotted at the departing gate of an airport later in the day.

(If you disapprove of the use of triggering Anglo-Saxon descriptors do not play.)

As much as Anning deserved those two confrontations perhaps the most severe spanking came from opposition leader Bill shorten who said:

“the Christchurch event “hasn’t happened in isolation”, blaming “extreme-right politicians in Australia” and “keyboard warriors who hide behind the internet” for fomenting hatred.

“I say to those who perpetuate extreme rightwing hatred … You, by your hate speech, have created a swampland of hatred,” he told reporters in Melbourne.

“You cannot disown what crawls out of your swamp.”

Would you ever consider moving to the U.S. and running for office Mr. Shorten?

We could use your moral clarity over here.

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Thanks. I am more and more convinced, capitalism creates/sells hate.


Trump will probably host a reception at the White House for him.


“[T]he link between Muslim immigration and violence”? Look, Eye Dee Ten Tee, there’s a “link” between money and financial crime. No one has ever suggested putting a stop to money


I can’t decide which one I like best! The g rated or the r? They both are perfect replies to the hate filled swamp creature.


Isn’t it funny how seemingly similar cultures can differ?

I’m reminded, watching the airport confrontation, how the ‘f’ and ‘c’ words are more commonly used in Australia in normal public discourse, like lambasting someone in an airport, without anyone rushing to protest.

Such language in the USA is seen by most people as obscene.

Whereas in Australia, by contrast, the ownership of semi-automatic weapons, and worse, their use to kill innocent people, is seen, by most people, as obscene.