Not content with stereotyping Hispanic, Black, Native American, Jewish and Islamic voters, on St. Patrick’s day the Grand Old Party adopted the style of their standard bearer Donald Trump and reached out to defame Irish Americans.

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“Republican National Committee message about Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke appeared to fail on Sunday after it became the subject of internet mockery.

A Sunday tweet from the official @GOP Twitter account seemed to smear both O’Rourke and Irish people as drunks….”
(The RNC quickly pulled their Tweet but the GOP still has their’s up.)

O’Rourke quickly answered.

Are you paying attention, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?

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3 Comments on "On St. Patrick’s Day GOP Insults Beto and Every Irish Person in America."

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p j evans

A DUI in 1989 is far enough back that it shouldn’t even count.
(The GOP excuses its own all the time, though: they should keep their mouths shut and their fingers off the tweet-board.)

p j evans

Dammit, edit doesn’t work. That’s 1998.


Well Justice Kavanaugh comes to mind along with a large jug of green beer and something to do with an enema!