How bad was a Trump comment? Forget him, watch his surrogates.


Look, you’re never going to be able to rank the degree of offensiveness of each comment that spews forth from this disgrace to our species every time he opens his sewer hole, or fires up his stubby little Twitter digits. There are too many of them to keep up with, and they’re all uniformly horrible.

Trump’s verbal atrocities come in two varieties, the garden variety “base bait” that he uses to let his Trombies know he’s still breathing, and industrial strength toxic sludge, that requires political hazmat suits to deal with. Don’t try to rate them yourself, you may develop a rash. Instead, make note of them, and then sit back and watch to see what the Trump surrogates wearing the white plastic suits are talking about on Sunday morning.

For instance, when is the last time that a White House chief of stuff, or any other administration official, all the way down to the Third Undersecretary of Checkers, had to go on the air and defend the President in regards to being a virulent white nationalist? I mean before this one. Yet, there was Mick Mulvaney, the temp chief of staff, and full time Valium dispenser, talking about how it is “unfair to conflate the president with the actions of a deeply disturbed soul.” Normally, I’d agree with Mickey on that one, Trump isn’t responsible for every insane racist in the world, only the ones who wear MAGA hats and vote in US elections. But that defense falls apart when the perpetrator specifically names Trump in his filthy manifesto as a “symbol of the rise of white nationalism.” Sorry Mick, this time your guy got a personal shout out from the white terrorist. Life sucks, get a helmet.

Another way that you can tell the toxic content, and the extent of the damage, is by the resulting silliness and insanity of the defense arguments. On MSNBC today, that paragon or Republican excellence in Nevada, human Twinkie Amy Tarkanian had a novel defense. When Trump’s comments about “many fine people, on both sides” after Charlottesville were brought up as additional proof of his white supremacist bent, Tark the Lark had a novel contention. With a totally straight face, she said that Trump wasn’t talking about neo Nazi’s being fine people, he was talking about the people on both sides who were protesting over the Civil War monuments. News flash Aim-less, nobody there on either side gave a flying fuck about confederate monuments. That was just a convenient excuse for a rumble. Here, here’s $50,go buy a clue.

Over the weekend, His Lowness also unleashed a cowardly and gutless attack against national treasure John McCain. But nowhere so far today, did I see any of the Trump koi pond mouthpieces bothering to defend those attacks, so you can kind of conclude that they think that the issue will fade fairly quickly, with little to no blowback that they need to worry about. See how it works?

So, there you have it. I’m a highly untrained, kind of almost expert, and I’m here to help. Instead of driving yourself insane about which verbal Trump Hiroshima to get all in an uproar about next, take a deep breath, tune into Meet the Press or any of the other Sunday morning blatherfests, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of which way the outrage is blowing in no time, and how muc trouble it could be for Trump.

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Yeah that guy doesnt even feel, well maybe envy.


“Trump koi mouthpieces.” “Human Twinkie.”
Where do you come up with this kind of imagery? After listening to Mulvaney this afternoon my brain needs a thorough cleanse–the kind you pay a lot for because it comes with good drugs–but I’m laughing too hard to go get one.