Well, I suppose there are bigger stories to weigh in on today, but perhaps none so indicative of the poison being pumped into the brains of Fox views as this:

For those not on Twitter here is a you tube video of nine year old Zayne Cowie reciting his poem Goodbye Earth:


“Move over Longfellow” Arroyo snarks, and Ingraham quips… “Byron and Keats rolled into one!”

Arroyo even made fun of Zane’s enunciation, which I had no trouble understanding.

I though Zane’s poem was very sophisticated for a nine year old, especially when he evoked some of the world’s wonders he would like to see.

All the more reason for them to mock him for the benefit of their corporate sponsors I suppose.

Good work, you two, maybe if you make fun of the kid some more maybe you can prompt a crazed Fox viewer into hunting down the boy and taking him out.

Sick fucks.

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3 Comments on "Watch Laura Ingraham and Guest on Her Show Mock A Nine Year Old Climate Activist."

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Christy Edmondson

I thought that the poem was awesome and spot on. I also thought that Zayne knew a heck of a lot more about climate change than either one of the anchors. They are idiots.


When two grownups (use the term loosely) mock a kid, that by itself leaves a lot to be desired. When the kid being mocked is able to verbalize reality better through prose, then you know the mockers are being mocked.

The youtube link is no longer active. I found this one: https://youtu.be/0j_kmPn41r8


Wow! It’s mind-boggling just how low they’re willing to go.