Pressure Point 101


There used to be an old saying, but you don’t hear it so much anymore. When somebody would do something shocking, and outside of the norms, everybody else would exclaim, “Is nothing sacred anymore?!” In the age of Agent Orange, we have learned that the obvious answer is a resounding “NO!” for the rest of us, but we’re about to learn if the same answer applies to Trump himself.

Last week, House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler sent out requests for documents from 81 different individuals and entities. But in researching the document requests themselves, it turns out that 52 of them, well over half, contained specific requests for documents and information regarding Ivanka Trump.

That’s right, the Princess and the Pee, Daddy’s little girl. Up until now, Blondilocks has had a free pass. Because she was not named as being one of the kids left with the day to day running of the Trump dumpire, it has been Don Jr and Eric who have come under scrutiny. And because she wasn’t as moronically obvious as her dimwit hubby on omissions to her SF-86 security form, and because her mercenary sibling presence wasn’t required at the infamous Trump Tower meeting, she has slid under the radar. But that’s about to stop.

And it’s about to stop partially for the same reason that a lack of scrutiny stops for almost anyone who has ever had the misfortune to shake hands with Donald Trump because she fucking lied! In a recent interview, she told the reporter that there were no problems or irregularities with the security clearance process for either her or her husband. This is demonstrably false, because whyile she may not have given a tosser about her own clearance, there is no way that Jared wouldn’t sit around and bitch to her about his being roadblocked from getting a clearance, nor would it be possible that he didn’t know it.

There is plenty to investigate about Ivanka. Her proximity to the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, at a time when she was courting Japanese expansion and financing for her line of gaudy trinkets. Then there’s the sudden cavalcade of patents her company received from the Chinese government shortly after she made goo-goo eye at Chinese Preident Xi over the canapes. And let’s not ignore, shall we say, the possibility of, let’s call it “creative accounting” practices in her own company books. Hey, the acorn don’t fall far from the tree!

When Robert Mueller started his investigation, The $1 store Caligula made all kinds of big-bad-wolf huffing and puffing noises about touching his personal or business finances as being a big, fat, red line in the sand. Well, Robert Mueller vaulted over that red line with a trampoline, so did the SDNY, and so has, or will, the Manhattan DA’s office, as well as the New York AG. Waddaya gonna do about it, chubby? But now, we’re about to find out if Trump drew the same red line in front of his children.

The big problem for Trump is that it’s real easy to be all badass and shit when you can actually fire somebody like Mueller, and the consequences be damned. But he can’t fire the Manhattan DA, or the NY AG, or the Judiciary committee of the US Congress. And even more importantly, a presidential pardon won’t have the slightest effect on state charges, for him or anybody else on his ship of fools.

It’s hard to overstate how important this is, and how drastic of a response it may evoke from Trump. Because, not only has Der Gropinfuror been raised, and lived his entire life in a pampered, privileged, responsibility free shell, so have his Satan’s Spawn. If there was a problem for Trump or his brood, he lied his way out of it. If that didn’t work, he bullied his way out of it. And if that fell short of the desired outcome, then he bought his way out of it. And now, for the first time, Trump and his offspring are faced with the reality of a problem that they can’t lie, bully, or buy their way out of. Mainly because the people involved find lying another crime, can’t be bullied or bought, and have already decided that your shit really does stink, just like everybody elses.

There has long been a debate roiling as to whether or not Trump’s devotion to his children would lead him to take personally damaging steps to protect them, or if he would toss them under the Greyhound, just ike he does everybody else. We may be about to find out. After all, one of the reasons that Michael Flynn took the fall was to protect his son from possible prosecution. But at least Flynn had a somewhat flawed sense of dignity after being a career army officer. The only uniform Trump ever put on was John Travolta’s white suit for a night at Studio 54, so I’m not holding my breath on that one. And the fact that it has been reported that Trump actually asked his chief of staff, John Kelly, to fire Jared and Ivanka, just adds another pebble to the scale.

But the thing that could most tear at the fabric of that family is the state investigations into the Trump organization. Charges of bank and wire fraud, as well as other financial shenanigans tend to carry a 10 year statute of limitations instead of just the normal 5 year span. And, due to it’s standing as an international monetary center, New York State actually has their own version of the federal RICO statute. If the investigation prves that the range of offenses show that the Trump organization was, at its core, an inherently corrupt,criminal organization, then the state could seize almost every asset that Trump has as the product of an illegal enterprise.

So, not only are we about to find out whether or not Trump’s feelings for his children are paternal enough to control his conduct and actions, if things in New York, shall we say, are “breaking bad,” we may all find out whether or not Trump’s children put up with his shit for all of those years because they loved their father, or because they loved their inheritance. Boy, talk about an all-American family, huh?


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I would say that the only interest (besides sex w/Ivanka) with his family members is not being embarrassed.

Denis Elliott
Something important to remember is that during divorce proceedings with Trophy Wife #! who happens to be the mother of the “Terrible Trio” she described an incident where he raped her. She softened the language a bit but yeah, he raped her because he was pissed at her after his scalp reduction surgery. For years afterwards their kids wanted nothing to do with him. At one point he brought Don Jr. upstairs to his place & told Ivanka he was taking him & she called the flaming orange rectum’s bluff and said keep him. Don Jr. was back with mom… Read more »

I just love reading about all the trouble they’re going to get into.


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Apparently not.