I hate it when I’m right about something I hate to see happening, but would be remiss to point out that I was absolutely right about something I hate to see happening:

And Turd Blossom II and his Republican enablers will keep repeating this mantra right up to the election in 2020, reminding the voters that, after two years of open and unapologetic law breaking and corruption by this administration, the Democratic Speaker of the House said:

“I’m not for impeachment.”

That fuckin’ toothpaste won’t go back in the tube.

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Denis Elliott
There’s a saying in sports to the effect that when you’re rolling along towards a win don’t do anything to make the other team happy. Or more bluntly, don’t screw with a hot streak. We have retaken the momentum, and since polling in the country not only isn’t strongly in favor of Trump being removed via impeachment & conviction there isn’t even a majority (well short in fact) for it the GOP is praying every hour on the hour to the Jeebus for us to drop the hammer and open full blown Impeachment hearings. As far as the GOP is… Read more »

I posted this image on Facebook on Nov 8 2016

Season 3 is about to start.