HA! Ivanka ‘Thinks She’s Going To Be President’ according to New Tell-All Book


Michael Wolff’s best seller, “Fire and Fury,” recounted a conversation between Jared and Ivanka on election night, wherein they batted back and forth the idea of which one of them would become the next Republican president of the United States after Big Daddy Trump. Evidently, that debate concluded in Ivanka winning. Fox News picked up on the notion and predicted that Ivanka would succeed Trump as president, which, alas, was in conflict with the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which said Mike Pence would succeed Trump. Apparently, both networks just assumed that the Democrats would all vanish in the rapture or something — which might be just as well, considering how awful the current political climate is.

In any event, according to a new book, “Kushner, Inc.” to be released March 19, Ivanka believes she will be president and wants to be, in order to start a Trump “dynasty.” Oh, my ears and whiskers. Guardian:

For her part, Ivanka Trump is focused on cementing a Trump dynasty to rival the Kennedys and Bushes by becoming commander-in-chief herself one day, according to [author Vicki] Ward. “She thinks she’s going to be president of the United States,” [Gary] Cohn is quoted as saying.

Can you just stop a moment and parse together a Trump dynasty, just for the hell of it? Rep. Donald Trump, Jr.? And maybe he and his squeeze, Kimberly Giulfoyle, can get married, but maintain houses in separate districts, so that she can become a congresswoman, too. Then she can show her photo album of dick pics of male colleagues at Fox News around congress. Nancy Pelosi would have an opinion about that, I’ll bet.

And then Eric could run for Governor of New York. That would be amusing. Or, maybe Senator. Listen, if you think this is insane, Michael Cohen was talking about running for the Mayor of New York City on election night, again, according to Wolff. “They can’t fuck with us now,” he said. The election of Trump was fueling a lot of mad schemes that night, not to mention lighting a fire under the KKK and the neo-Nazis, who got their regalia out of the mothballs and marched in the streets the very next day.

If Ivanka did become president, she would be very much daddy’s girl, insofar as a lot of people who work for her hate her guts, just like Trump is hated.

Ward’s book portrays Kushner and Ivanka Trump as relentlessly ambitious operators who are loathed by many forced to work with them. She reports that White House staffers mocked Kushner as the “secretary of everything” for his wide-ranging meddling and derided Ivanka Trump’s team as Habi – “home of all bad ideas”.

You may recall that Steve Bannon hated Kushner, and that Javanka is credited with having put the knife in his back.

Bannon recalls Kushner furiously shouting at him at the White House in 2017 after he confronted Kushner about holding secret talks with senators on immigration reform. “He goes from a little boy to, like, this fucking devil,” Bannon is quoted as saying.

Bannon also claims to have told Ivanka Trump: “Go fuck yourself … you are nothing” in front of her father, during an argument over who was the bigger leaker to the media. Ivanka Trump is said to have called Bannon a “fucking liar”.

This encounter with Bannon was reported elsewhere. Ivanka ostensibly replied to Bannon, “I am the First Daughter.” She believes that title to have some significance on the par of Hand of the King. First Daughters have never set policy before. Maybe we should get Chelsea on the horn and get her take on it?

In any event, Ivanka apparently has quite a bit of ambition. It will be an interesting eye opener when she finds out, in the fullness of time, that she and hubby were just “playing government” as John Kelly is quoted saying about them. And that after this shitshow closes out of town, Javanka will be lucky to get invited to D-list New York socialite parties. Ivanka is a pathetic little rich girl, totally in over her head, and she has no.fucking.clue.

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After the college admission scam and the long, long, long list of participants I’ll believe anything coming from the afluenza stricken minority in our society.
And god help us all if Habi becomes anything else in government other than what she already is.
Haven’t had the chance to read the book yet. Maybe after tax season I’ll have that chance.


The housewives of New York is more like it. Lol.


Hopefully Housewives in Prison. 🙂


Oh please, what universe does she live in? Can you imagine being so sheltered from reality. It is funny how you may dream of having money with all the comfort it brings but since this crap has occurred I just wanna be me.


Well, she already has full blown security rating at the highest levels, so she can run for it and catch the football from DJT, then sit down with the joint chiefs and hubby for a chat, Bolton will be there holding a live grenade, the pin pulled wanting SO bad to throw that sucker into an Iranian outpost somewhere …

Chelonia Testudines

Iskanka tRump: “Call-girl Barbie”

The word “entitlement” is being used quite a lot these days. But we are now seeing examples of it that are hard to even comprehend. In this case, a crime family where members feel entitled to use our government for whatever purpose serves them financially. And as we are now living, a presidency can be quite helpful to one’s personal businesses. Then, with the recent college admissions cheating scandal, it is not enough to be in the entitled group of white richness. People within THAT entitled group feel an entitlement WITHIN their entitled group. But one thing BOTH examples have… Read more »
I think the White House (trump) is very serious about running Ivanka (2024) for president. She is given all kinds of “responsibilities”, has National Security Clearance, represents this country at all kinds of foreign affairs, or at least attends as an “unofficial” representative. All of this is to pad her résumé for a run for office. Although she has no real role in the World Bank’s International Women’s Initiative, her name is attached to it, and given “credit” for starting it. Will never forget the photo in the Oval Office of her sitting in the President’s chair between trump and… Read more »