Revealed: Donald Trump Says Airliner Jets ‘Too Complicated To Fly’ — Back To Bi-Planes?


If you’re just now tuning in, Donald Trump, in the wake of the tragic Boeing 737 airplane crash in Ethiopia, which claimed 157 lives, decided to tweet. Naturally, he had no comfort for the survivors or the poor souls affected, he just started tweeting drivel. The blow back is memorable.

Back to the horse and buggy, telegraph and steamships. Yep. That’s where we should go, with Trump, the visionary, at the helm. Or, how about the dirigibles? Those were hot. When they exploded.

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15 Comments on "Revealed: Donald Trump Says Airliner Jets ‘Too Complicated To Fly’ — Back To Bi-Planes?"

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Melania and Trump seem to be a great couple, they are both stupid.

Nick Sullivan

My flabber was completely gasted long ago over this guy … but he keeps putting my head on auto-shake. Did you ever find yourself pausing and trying to comprehend that this toxic cartoon clown, this scam-artist con-man reality-show-host occupies the Oval Office?


Reason #5387 why the world will not be as forgiving of America when we get rid of Trump like they were when W’s expiration date came up. We all know he’s just doing this out of spite for the EU, right?

Markm Mitchell