HA! Trump Goes To War With Ann Coulter, Claiming He’s ‘Stopping An Invasion’ With His Wall


OMG, this is rich. This is supremely hilarious. Let me give you the backstory on this. In December, Ann Coulter, bitch-slapped Trump in a column she wrote.  “On the basis of his self-interest alone, he must know that if he doesn’t build the wall, he has zero chance of being re-elected and a 100 percent chance of being utterly humiliated. He’s in trouble now. As absurd as the Russia nonsense is, the details about Trump’s sleazy associates, the porn star, the Playboy playmate and his seedy business practices leave his supporters feeling queasy, even if he hasn’t committed any crimes.”

Well, Sir, Trump took umbrage to that and he immediately unfollowed Coulter on Twitter, how do you like them apples?

Since then, Trump has taken great pains to let his base know that he is, indeed, building his wall. He even sent out a fundraising email, bragging about building the wall, a few weeks ago. Now, Saturday, there was this, directed at Coulter.

Now, what makes this drop dead hilarious, is that a federal judge in Boston confronted a Trump administration lawyer, over this very issue, whether “major sections of the wall” that are being built, and specifically, whether this contract for 115 miles even exists.

Now, as you see, George Conway is commenting on this piece of litigation. George is none other than Kellyanne Conway’s husband. Just read the plain language, the judge asks, “So far as you know is there any such contract?” The Trump attorney answers, “No, your Honor, so far as I know there is no contract of 115 miles as referenced in the –”

So, there you have it, Trump was caught out, in court, just the other day, in a bold faced lie about his fantasy wall, which only has supernatural reality in the recesses of his disturbed and diseased fecal grey matter. Here, on earth, in the real world of facts, the wall is emphatically not being built.

To add insult to injury, George Conway just coined a new Twitter hashtag, #SummaCumLiar, to describe Donald Trump.

Sweet Jesus, what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in the Conway kitchen. Oh, mama! Stay tuned, this is only going to get better.


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Anastasia Pantsios

Anyone want to lay bets on how long the George/Kellyanne Conway marriage is going to last? I remember when she used to be a respected GOP pollster, but she’s really morphed into a wild-eyed crazy woman. And Coulter v. Trump? That’s like two of the world’s most incompetent delusional people sparring in the dark about who is most delusional.

Anastasia Pantsios
My concern is that a lot of the worshipful coverage of her is fluff and as distractive as Trump’s tweets. We shouldn’t be hyperventilating every time some congressperson, no matter how pretty and sassy, says something routine we agree with. I’m looking at what our elected officials are actually DOING, which is why I’ve spent a lot of time exploring a lot of our new congresspeople and even watching hearing on CSPAN to see what is going on and who is fighting for what, who our best fighters and most informed congresspeople are. There is SO much going on right… Read more »
Anastasia Pantsios
I do think it’s essential to ask, before writing any article about “AOC,” if this is really news or if we’re just looking for an excuse to sigh over her some more. 90% of the dairies about her at DailyKos have been completely useless and trivial, with no news factor, another thing that caused me to decide to give up posting there for Lent. No, seriously! It just hit me like a bolt out of the blue on Tuesday after seeing yet another “Bernie walks on water” diary, complete with the self-pitying whining about how Bernie-unfriendly the site is, and… Read more »

Stuff like this is why I am ultimately unworried about Trump. He only knows how to burn bridges, not build them.


Aww you should have provided the link to that new hashtag. 🙂


Do you suppose this is the 115 miles he thinks he has a contract for?

It IS so sad that the baboon in the WH has so much power in some ways, more than others, but any of them, with his obvious smoke filled brain, could instantly put our country in a clear and present danger situation, including playing with the nuclear football … His ROCKET MAN call to the worst butcher in NK, who has killed his own family, and now says he is in love with him should remove DJT from the WH and place him in detention at a mental health hospital for ALL of OUR protection … his continued failings at… Read more »