Rep. Joe Knows how to make a point.

Washington Post

“A hearing on the threat seismic testing poses to North Atlantic right whales was plodding along Thursday when, seemingly out of nowhere, Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-S.C.) pulled out an air horn and politely asked if he could blast it.

Before that moment at a Natural Resources subcommittee hearing, Cunningham had listened to a Trump administration official testify, over and over, that firing commercial air guns under water every 10 seconds in search of oil and gas deposits over a period of months would have next to no effect on the endangered animals, which use echolocation to communicate, feed, mate and keep track of their babies. It’s why the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration gave five companies permission to conduct tests that could harm the whales last year, said the official, Chris Oliver, an assistant administrator for fisheries….

…Cunningham, who represents Charleston and other coastal cities, pressed on. What if it happened every 10 seconds for days, weeks and months, he said. He asked Oliver to guess how much louder commercial air guns are than his store-bought air horn. When Oliver didn’t bite, he told him the sound from air guns is 16,000 times that of his air horn.”

I love this freshman class!

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2 Comments on "Trump NOAA Official Says Seismic Air Gun Blasts Don’t Harm Whales, so Rep. Joe Cunningham Blasts Him"

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Good for him! I’m with you -I think this “Freshman Class” is awesome! I’m ashamed of the NOAA to allow that testing be done. The money that they’re spending on something that will further endanger the whales could be used to invest in Green Energy. That would be so much more beneficial, not just to protect the whales and other endangered species, but to provide good-paying jobs and training for our population. I swear, the Repubs won’t be happy until they completely ruin our planet, while they line their pockets.

Johnnie Dorman

Reagan and the neo-cons, with a little help from the neo-libs, opened the gates of greed upon the U.S. at the time that the neo-cons infiltrated the Republican party before and after Reagan’s rein. A large part of our government was taken over by bought off politicians that are owned by the corporate elite. End of story.