Manafort Follows The Classic ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies’ Arc, Says Rick Wilson


Former GOP strategist Rick Wilson wrote a best selling book, “Everything Trump Touches Dies” and he makes a compelling case for the fact that Paul Manafort is just one more log on the funeral pyre that is the Trump organization and Trump himself. Daily Beast:

Manafort, of course, follows the inevitable Everything Trump Touches Dies arc.  In the beginning, Trump and his supporters showered Manafort with the most lavish praise as a political genius, a man of great depth, understanding, and stature. He was a legend come to aid the Trump effort, a sign of the campaign’s maturation and growing strength. Now, he’s deep into the familiar process of Trumpian unpersoning. “We hardly knew him. He only served a short time. He was a coffee boy. He was ideologically impure. He was a criminal scumbag who tricked us. He betrayed the Great Leader.” Every major player in Trump’s world experiences this treatment. […]

The pattern of people caught in Trump’s moral orbit is clear; they lie, and lie again, and keep lying until they’re busted. Then they lie some more, seemingly to piss off the prosecutors. Manafort, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, Jerome Corsi, and others kept trying to emulate their master, but they keep getting slapped. It’s a culture of cheaters, scammers, and bottom-feeding ratfuckers going up against legal forces who specialize in calling their bullshit. […]

Paul Manafort is also a valuable preview of the future for people like Roger Stone. Stone has tried to play the same too-cute game with the special counsel and Judge Amy Berman Jackson. Now, the septuagenarian libertine faces his own time in the barrel. Stone won’t prosper in a place where the most dapper element of his outfit is a scratchy orange polyester jumpsuit.

For those of you facing indictment, including those are you in the Trump orbit who know what’s coming but haven’t yet heard the knock of the US Marshals on your door, here’s a helpful reminder: Trump will always lie. He will always throw you under the bus. He will always shift the blame. He will always promise you everything and leave you hanging.

Manafort is not finished yet. He still has to go before Judge Amy Berman Jackson and receive sentencing on his other case. She may add another ten years to his lenient four. Once the sentencing is done, then the question becomes, will Manafort appeal to Trump for a presidential pardon? Read this article in it’s entirety, because Wilson is of a mind that hell, no, Trump won’t pardon Manafort and bring heat on himself, he’ll leave Manafort high and dry. I agree with Wilson.

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Is manafort of any use to Trump now? I think the time for a pardon has passed him by. Anyway, now he is a loser.


Cmae, not mae.


No use whatsoever, Cmae. Manafort is done. He won’t be the last either.


The consistent narrative of betrayal that is the life story of Donald John Trump should give anyone pause. Yet people consistently make the same mistake with him when it comes to doing business: “Sure, that happened to them but it’ll NEVER happen to ME.” And then it does. Manafort will be no different than Papadopoulos or Flynn before him. Push come to shove, all parties but himself are expendable.

Denis Elliott
I agree with pundits who say Manafort’s lawyer was talking directly for Trump with his “no collusion” statement right after the sentencing in Ellis’ courtroom. I also think he (and his client) know they are looking at a very different environment and Judge next week. From the beginning Judge T.S. Ellis treated Manafort like rich & connected white collar criminal defendants get treated – with a “why are they picking on this guy because everyone knows that’s how business is done?” attitude. Judge Amy Berman Jackson doesn’t play that game and they know it. So I doubt there was any… Read more »

Its like Bob Cesca says over at Salon, “Trump always makes it worse for Trump.” Why anyone would want to emulate that is beyond me.