If you’re looking for justice for Paul Manafort you’ll have to wait for D.C.


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12 Comments on "Manafort Judge T.S. Ellis Says Manafort has “lived an otherwise blameless life.” Only 47 Months."

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Today was disappointing, yes. But we’re not done. And the more years you pile on from here, the less of a chance he’ll survive.

Denis Elliott
I’m literally afraid to check my blood pressure. I think a little later when it’s time for my evening dose I might need to double it. Blameless life my ass! And while my jarhead days are decades past that part of me is so furious I wished I still lived in northern VA, or even in the eastern panhandle of WV. It would be worth getting arrested to stand on that sumbitch judge’s sidewalk with holding a protest sign. Keep in mind that during that “blameless” life when Manafort was raking in tens of millions working for brutal dictators, he… Read more »

It was the “blameless life” remark that hit me too. If Manafort’s life looks to Judge Ellis to be “blameless,” one has to wonder how the Judge has been spending his. I’ll bet if he were to be investigated, there would be grounds found for impeachment.

BTW, you know who actually did live a blameless life (until he didn’t)? A fellow named Judas.


So fucking angry.

Joseph Massa

How Much Money Did You Receive,
You Know A Bribe ? Paul Manafort Is Guilty
By Law. How Long Have You Been A Crooked Judge ?

Carol O

My thoughts exactly. Someone got to the judge, though given his remarks throughout the process, it was obvious he was anti-prosecution. He should have recused himself, as conflicted as he obviously was.


This sentence makes me physically sick and angry. So many poor people and POC receive much harsher sentences for less serious crimes. Can anything be done about Judge Ellis? He certainly showed poor judgement and that is being polite.


This judge, in my opinion, is looking for a position from trump. He is a sleezebag rich white a$$hole!