It’s actually worse than I originally thought.


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article in which I said that the excuses that we’re hearing from Trump administration officials regarding his policies is nothing new. The blathering pap that they spouted actually trace all the way back to the Nuremburg trials at the end of World War II, where the standard excuse was “I cas only vollowink orders!” But after the two DHS hearings in the House yesterday, I realized that it’s even worse than that.

The standard defense of most defendants at Nuremburg was simple. They held that they were not responsible for any atrocities coitted during WWII in which they took part, simply because they were only following orders from superiors in a time of war. They seldom if ever denied that the atrocities took place, only that they were blameless for their actions because others ordered them. They didn’t deny atrocities, they denied personal responsibility for them.

But in the hearings yesterday, we encountered a whole new breed of cat. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen did not actually come out and deny that immigrant children were kept in cages, instead she played semantic games by refusing to call them cages. In another hearing, a DHS subordinate, being questioned about the high number of abuse claims from immigrant minors in the custody of HHS, after being delivered to HHS by his DHS employees, came right out and stated that it wasn’t his responsibility to protect minor children in his departments care fro being turned over to possibly abusive employees of another department!

Let that sink in for a moment. An official of DHS, high enough up the food chain to be called before congress to testify, basically reduced his department to a Bekin’s Moving operation. “We pick ’em up here, we drop ’em off there, get a signature on the clipboard, and we’re done with ’em.”If an employee of another department is abusing children, it’s no skin off of his nose for providing them, as long as they wait until he’s around the corner before they start the abuse.

Let’s say that you drive a school bus, taking kindergarten kids to school and back. When you open the door at the school, the teachers are waiting to take their kids inside. You recognize one of them, a convicted pedophile, who had to register with the police as a sex offender. According to this DHS official, you have no responsibility to go to the principal, the school board, or the police. You just “pick ’em up here, and drop ’em off there.” what you may know happens afterward is immaterial.

I didn’t think that it would ever be possible to say this, but these Trump drones are actually worse than the Nuremburg defendants! At Nuremburg, the criminals didn’t try to claim that the atrocities took place, only abdicating their responsibility for them. With the Trump acolytes, there is no reason for them to deny responsibility for the atrocities, simply because there were no atrocities to start with! These were well thought out policies, and they are just being misunderstood. Not only don’t they disavow the atrocities, they are willing to defend them, and personally endorse them. There is no other way to interpret their testimony. They can’t believe that they actually have to come in and explain this shit.

Every time that you think that Trump can’t drag this country, and the reputation of its citizens any lower, he continues to amaze. The racist physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of immigrant children is not an atrocity simply because His Lowness said “Go for it!” Sweet Jesus, even the Nazi’s didn’t have the balls to try and pull this shit.

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Denis Elliott

Well, Neilson is after all blonde & blue. You know. “Aryan.” And as I said somewhere else already as far as she’s concerned since it’s brown people she is harming she doesn’t care. They aren’t even actual human beings to her, and let’s face it – the DHS has definitely rotted from the head down including when Kelly was in charge there.


They’ve decided to gaslight the American public and they’re not changing the playbook for anybody. Not their favorite media, not Congress, not world governing bodies.

It’s amazing there isn’t more uproar. Imagine if those were blond-headed white children in cages.

Hilda Castaneda Romero
Hilda Castaneda Romero

I a

Hilda Castaneda Romero
Hilda Castaneda Romero

I agree that illegal immigrant children are being grossly abused.
We should be angrier.


She seriously makes me rethink my anti-death penalty position. I keep thinking, firing squad if found guilty, though it goes against what I believe.

Jack Jefferies/Elder FLAtulent
Jack Jefferies/Elder FLAtulent

Sec. Neilson,s official theme song is Jet,s “Cold hard bitch”. Every time I see her on the idiot box that song runs through my addled gray matter. She creates a word salad to make any chef envious.


A cage by any other name would still be a great place for these soulless sociopaths to inhabit for—oh, I don’t know—maybe the rest of their lives.
Good to read you here, Murf!

Kidnapping – felony. Transporting across state lines – felony. Child rape – felony. Depravation of human contact – severe emotional neglect – felony. And least we forget – Murder by Depraved Indifference – Ah, that is also a felony. And as far as we know – that’s three counts. I spent years doing investigation of high risk child abuse and neglect. What the United States is doing, in OUR name, is beyond atrocious. These are crimes against humanity and they need to be charged as such. Oh hell – I forgot – these kids are brown. Forget it.