Gaslighting 101: Trump Rants For Two Hours At CPAC


It’s not a new observation that the election of Donald Trump stunned the world and made everybody question who and what America is today — and nobody has been asking that question more than Americans themselves. It’s also no secret that a great many people live lives of quiet desperation and are disgruntled about their lot in the world and they feel that they’ve gotten the short end of the stick.

Trump’s appeal to these people is that, he, too, is angry and petulant about what he’s been given in life, because to him, it’s never enough, and he’s been wronged. The buttons he pushes amongst his supporters is to articulate their mockery of the norms of American society, their desire for revenge, and their rage. Trump carried on at CPAC for over two hours, a bizarre record even by his standards. Yet, if you listen to just a few of the clips, the two hours distills down to a few common themes: us against them, threats about what he’s going to do to “them” (his claim that he’s going to deny funding to colleges who don’t cater to conservatives, is a case in point) and last, but emphatically not least, his whitewashing of past events and what he said, i.e., Gaslighting 101.

Trump tried to claim at CPAC that his comment about Russians hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails was meant as a joke. Take a look and listen, and see if it plays out to you that way.

You can follow Aaron Rupar’s thread as far as your stomach and psyche will allow. But, it’s a good idea to do so, at least a little, because listening to this particular rant gives insight into the negativity and lack of reasoning that characterizes Trump supporters.

Conservative commentators are saying that this year’s CPAC hit an all time low.

It’s good that conservatives with some sensibility of what conservatism used to stand for are speaking out. It’s also an exercise in futility. Mitch McConnell is going to ride the Trump train all the way to the end of the line. He knows that he’s got the opportunity to stack the courts with ultra-conservative judges and he’s going to make hay while the sun shines. He said as much last November, “We’re going to keep appointing judges as long as we are able to do so,” and judges are being appointed in an unprecedented number, due to the total obstruction of judicial appointments in Obama’s last two years in office.

The bottom line is this: Trump isn’t representative of any decent values of which the Republican party might have been able to boast at one time. He doesn’t represent the John McCain type of Republicans. He represents the seedy underbelly, not only of the Republican party — the fringe groups of racists, nationalists, and religious extremists — but of American culture. The people in these videos cheering him on, are reacting to his boorishness, his immaturity, and his just plain evil. They are identifying. This is what is scary about America in 2019. The question is very simple: is this who we really are, and the democratic experiment of the past 240 is about to fail and be supplanted by fascism, or are we a better people than this, and we’re going to retake our government, after this momentary side trip into madness?

We’re going to find out.

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