You Thought The NC-9 Congressional Race Was A Fiasco? It Just Got Even Weirder


Nobody can write a lede better than Charlie Pierce, so let him catch you up to date on the latest developments in NC-9. Esquire:

Those of you who have been following the madcap antics down in the Ninth Congressional District in the newly insane state of North Carolina may have wondered how in the hell Mark Harris, the Republican preacher whose campaign got caught ratfcking absentee ballots so cold that Harris got finked on by his son and then called for a new election himself, was planning on running in the do-over election with his scandalous first campaign hanging around his neck like a stole made of roadkill possums.

The white suit has been worn to better effect than Rushing does it.

As you probably know by now, the answer is, Harris is not running, he chose a replacement. And what a replacement. A white tornado, Boss Hogg look alike, anti-Saturday Night Fever-dream, none other than Stony Rushing, depicted in the photo above.

Rushing owns the Take Aim Training Range, a store that sells both guns and classes in how to shoot ‘em. Rushing has been a County Commissioner in Union County since 2014.

This is the only undecided congressional race from last November. And the GOP has a candidate who’s a poster child for the Three Biggest Killers of Americans, namely obesity, tobacco, and firearms.

I’m going snowblind just looking at Rushing.

Do you suppose Stony is hoping that old hippies will vote for him? Don’t even want to speculate how he got that name.

Free advice to the GOP: Get another candidate.

District 9 is a very strange place. 

Let me see if I’ve got it all straight, the preacher with the election scandal so bad, that his own kid dropped a dime on him, is now endorsing this all-hat-no-horse clown, have I got that right? And he thinks this guy is the answer?

The image of statesmanship to which Republicans aspire. Sweet Jesus.

I will always say vote for the Democrat, friends, but in this case, it’s not only a no-brainer to do so, this clown, Rushing, is a candidate for the Darwin award.

Finally, here’s a link to the Democrat, Dan McCready’s campaign. My God, I haven’t cringed at the difference between candidates like this since the Moore v. Jones imbroglio.

Let’s bring it home for the Democrat, friends, or District 9 is going to be as perverse as it’s science fiction cinema namesake.

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