Trump Email Swindles Followers That ‘Wall Is Under Construction And It Is Beautiful’


It’s been said ad nauseum that we live in two countries, America and Amerika, co-existent and contiguous. Here is more grist for the mill of that proposition. Trump/Pence sends out a regular email to supporters, usually asking for a contribution. Here is today’s, claiming that the Trump wall, of legend and lore, is actually being built.

It seems pretty obvious that Trump is counting on residents of Amerika to only read his emails and watch Fox News and listen to his shills on the radio. Unfortunately, if they talk to residents of America, may find out unpleasant facts, such as there has been zero new construction on any wall, much less that a $6.3Bil project is underway, without a dime’s worth of approval from Congress.

You can’t blame Trump for trying. He convinced enough rubes to vote for him, why in the world shouldn’t he assume that he can just keep it all going, spin more lies and weave more fraud tapestries?

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The problem we, the citizens of the US have in nearly ALL Trump actions is, there is No fallback to the Senate for solving the POTUS attacks on the Constitution … Hell, I would not be surprised to learn, that McConnell heads over to the oval office if Trump ever gets back there from his last 3-day golf trip … to discus what the Republicans want him to do, and tell him the Senate will support him in-spite of an uproar from the public … The Republicans are deeply complicit, and now we grabbed the House back, I feel the… Read more »
He truly IS that guy like Hitler, using his own controller of his planned national government news unit, the Constitution is getting very tired of sitting in the corner, rolled up and collecting dust … making Jarvanka privy to any secret our country is trying to keep secret, what a dork … having Miller aka Goebbels, building a totally new one stop news system, totally wrong by anything looking like our Constitution … the ARA is SO worried about their favorite amendment, but they should ALSO be worried about OUR amendment that protects us from an Orwellian firestorm … Shut… Read more »