Trump Mega-Donor Sued By Tenants For Ripping Them Off, ala Jared Kushner


You are judged by the company you keep, and southern California billionaire Geoffrey Palmer has been involved in a lot of shady lawsuits, centered around his underhanded political strategies and slumlord activities — so it’s not surprising that he gave Donald Trump’s Rebuilding America Now PAC $2Mil in 2016 — or that there’s a class action lawsuit filed by abused tenants on his horizon. NBC Los Angeles:

Palmer has long been a controversial figure in Los Angeles development circles. In 1991 he was charged with paying employees to make political donations to a campaign that opposed the incorporation of what is now the City of Santa Clarita.

In the decades since, Palmer has been involved in a number of lawsuits over development projects and affordable housing regulations in the city, including one lawsuit for tearing down the last cottage in Los Angeles’ Bunker Hill neighborhood.

Now, over two dozen former tenants of Palmer have sued him in small claims court for keeping damage deposit money that he was not entitled to. Same old story, different day: the wealthy guy stays wealthy by stealing from poor people who can ill afford it.

“I’m a hardworking single mother and if you have all that money and you’re ripping hardworking people off, it’s just not fair,” said former tenant Latasha Jennings.

Jennings said Palmer’s company tried to charge her $1,038 for new carpet after she moved out of the River Ranch Townhomes in Santa Clarita.

“I left that place spotless from head to toe,” said Jennings. “They even did an inspection and said everything was good before I signed the papers to leave.”

Shades of Jared Kushner. His company in Baltimore was sued for charging late fees when nobody was late and court costs not approved by any court. Kushner is positively feudal, using his wealth and lawyers to steal from working class people just trying to get by. Palmer appears to be cut from the same bolt of cloth. And they’re both in orbit around Donald Trump.

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As the old saying goes: “Once a slumlord, always a slumlord”. I’m sure when Palmer and Kushner cross paths they gleefully share stories of their triumphs over their tenants (though they most likely refer to them as serfs rather than tenants). Typical lord of the manor type banter……