Liberal Redneck Is Worried About The Democratic Primaries and We Should Be Too


Trae Crowder is committed to “draggin’ Dixie out of the dark,” and that’s the title of his book. In his most recent broadcast, he notes that Bernie Sanders is in the presidential race now and he makes a point that we need to bear first and foremost in our minds: “the other side sticks together more than we do.” This is the biggest issue confronting us, not healthcare, not the economy — Republican cohesiveness vs. Democratic cat herding. The Republicans derive their power from acting in concert, to the point of absurdity. Simply put, they don’t care what kind of a scumbag misanthrope racist a given candidate may be, if s/he has an “R” after his/her name, they stick behind their candidate. “They walk the line, man, in a way that we just don’t,” says the Redneck.

While they’re walking the line, Democrats are busy weeding out impurities. We are known for our purity. And if we don’t watch out, we’re going to purify ourselves to extinction.

Liberal Redneck makes the salient point that whomever we vote for for our ticket, we know who’s going to be on theirs, and that is nothing short of a set up for political armageddon take two.

At our worst, Democrats are like a herd of cats. But at our best, when we actually unite, we are like a pride of lions. We’re majestic. We rock the world.

We need to unite for the 2020 election, like we have never united before. The stakes have never been higher and the contrasts between parties so black and white. This is it. The time to start winning in 2020 is this minute.

[Clip is 3:27 long]

Remember Will Rogers’ line, “I’ve never been a member of any organized political party — I’m a Democrat?” We need to do the one and only thing that the Republicans do right, and that’s stick together. If we stick together and get out the vote, we’ll retake the White House, plain and simple.

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