Right Wingers Livid With Trump’s ‘Amnesty’ Speech, Which They Call ‘Identical To Jeb!s’


Well, this didn’t take long. No sooner had Trump closed his mic after Saturday’s address from the White House, when the Twitterverse got on line. Ann Coulter, not surprisingly, led the parade and she was not pleased.

Ouch. A Trump policy being identical to Jeb!s? That’s bad enough, but it’s coming from Jacob Wohl, who worships Trump — or did.

This afternoon’s address was not exactly a resounding success. Meanwhile, it’s Day 29 of the longest government shutdown in history. One egregious snafu already has occurred, when TSA allowed a woman to board an international flight to Japan with a revolver and ammunition in a carry on bag. These people are going to be coming up on a second missed paycheck soon, and while many of them continue to show up for work, it’s human nature that you don’t want to work for nothing.

The Republicans need to reopen the government, in any event, and stop using the shutdown as a negotiating tool. This is a dangerous precedent to set. The rights of unpaid government workers have to become the top priority and not this muckety muck, vanity project, tribute to Trump in the desert, “the Wall.” It was a great talking point in 2016, but in the light of day, it’s not going to happen and to hold 800,000 workers hostage is pointless and cruel.

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